1. Jessica91#CB's Avatar
    Ok guys, all I want to do is put the music that is already on my laptop on my BB Curve. I have the BB Desktop Manager on my laptop ready to go. When I click on the Media Sync all I see is a handful of playlists. What about all the other songs I have that aren't in playlists? Can't I sync those too? If so, how?
    05-30-10 06:19 PM
  2. johnling's Avatar
    Just open Windows explorer and drag the music to the BB Music folder. Quick and painless.
    05-30-10 06:31 PM
  3. MrObvious's Avatar
    Put all your music in an iTunes playlist. Or I think it lets you sync all your music.
    05-30-10 06:48 PM
  4. Jessica91#CB's Avatar
    I'll try that. I thought I had to use the lame BB media software. Your solution makes sense. Let you know if it works. Thanks.
    05-30-10 06:53 PM
  5. Jessica91#CB's Avatar
    Well that did the trick. Could not have been easier. Thanks so much. Last time I use the worthless BB media synch software.
    05-30-10 07:23 PM
  6. albee 1's Avatar
    Menu/Options/Memory, turn Media Card Support to on. Turn Mass Storage Mode Support to on. Enable Auto Mass Storage Mode to yes. If you do this you do not have to use the DM. The auto play window will open when you plug your bb into your computer. Scroll down and select view files. You can then view all the folders on your media card, and add or remove multiple files to and from the card. Happy hunting!

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    05-30-10 07:29 PM
  7. Jessica91#CB's Avatar
    Yep that's how I have mine set up. This should make transferring songs a lot easier.
    05-30-10 09:07 PM