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    Hi, I am a blackberry newbie, so might not know the correct terminology.
    I have a Curve 9300 with Wind Mobile running The problem is that the phone connects to my home wifi but I am unable to use the internet services over wifi. I have couple laptops and other phones (apples, androids) connected to the home wifi network and everything works fine on them. But on my Curve nothing works, I mean no BBM, no browser, no opera, nothing. When I try to open any site on the browser, it keeps trying and trying and then I get the error "Unable to find the requested server". The surprising thing is that on the Curve internet over wifi works fine with all other wifi networks I use, like my school, work and even McDonalds. But on my home wifi the phone connects to the wifi network, the signal turns white, but the blackberry logo doesn't light up near the connected wifi signal thing. It stays with my mobile network. If i turn off the mobile network, the blackberry logo disappears and everything gets disconnected. I have tried every possible method to make it work, like battery pull, removing and re-adding wifi profile, restarting the router etc. but nothing seems to fix this problem. Is there something I am missing here?
    I'd really appreciate any help as I need my phone to connect over wifi as Wind reception is not that good at my home.
    02-08-12 04:03 PM