1. travisp11's Avatar
    O.K., I'm able to logon to my home network but the cell carrier that I am with doesn't offer a program or a way for me to make calls via WiFi. What is the WiFi capability good for? Do I need to download a different browser such as Opera to take advantage of a browser while on my wireless network? I honestly didn't use the built in browser after I got on to my network but I just figured that the built in browser was only good with my data plan on my EDGE network but I wasn't sure. Any advice my fellow crackberry heads could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!--Travis
    05-12-09 02:18 PM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    Set your BB Browser to be a Hotspot Browser... then it uses your WiFi.
    05-12-09 02:23 PM