1. JLinton's Avatar
    I just ordered the new Curve 8900...I see it comes with GPS...my questions is...

    Is there an incremental cost to using the GPS or is its use all included in your phone package...
    02-12-09 09:32 AM
  2. MarkusALC's Avatar
    Your GPS will typically use data (e.g. if you use it in conjunction with BB maps or Google maps). Therefore, if you have unlimited data, it does not cost anything, if not it does.

    You can also use GPS without any data transfer, e.g. to determine your positition in terms of GPS coordinates, which is completely free regardless of your contract. You will not see any street names or even streets, though.

    Then there is also BBtracker, which works without data transfers and is therefore completely free, but it only tracks your movement as a function of time and displays nice curves but, again, no streets or street names.

    There are also some other, more esoteric apps, but that would be too detailed, I guess.
    02-12-09 09:47 AM
  3. JLinton's Avatar
    Thanks Markus!

    I have unlimited data... so that's a great new addition to my gadget arsenal
    02-12-09 09:51 AM