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    I have trawled the internet, and browsed the posts on these forums about my issue, but none seem to really realte to the problem.

    Problem being, had new bb Curve 8520 today. Data plan, unlimited internet/email etc etc, and have got wi-fi set up, and it connects initally for about 2 mins max, then the icon just greys out. The only way to get it to come back on is to reset the wifi options. When it is connected, I get a green tick, when its not, it turns into a - sign.

    I have everything set up surely otherwise it wouldnt have connected in the beginning?

    I am from the UK, on T Mobile, and my home ISP is BT with a wireless BT Homehub if that helps anyone narrow my problem down.

    I have not yet tried wifi anywhere other than my home so I cannot say whether it is just a home issue or not, but my husband who has a wifi enabled phone can use wifi without any problems whatsoever.

    You guys must be sick of seeing the same kind of question, but nowhere have I looked really given a solution.

    I used to have the 8110 pearl, so wifi was a definate plus for me, but so far its proving useless.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks
    08-24-10 07:01 PM