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    Just starting out with learning Blackberry as our office is looking for a solution which would allow some of our end users to have access to their Microsoft Outlook data via a mobile device like a Blackberry

    To that end I've acquired a Curve 8320 for my personal use but had it added to the EDGE network (T-mobile) so I can test it with the BES server I setup on the corporate network.

    Currently I'm having two problems that may or may not be related.

    1. After installing the BES software on a server, I then plug my phone into it's USB connection to my PC. I then login to the BES Administration Service Website, add my username and email account to the system. I then take the option for "Attached devices" and the system sees my curve and its PIN number which is attached to my PC. I then try to associate the Curve with my username/email address but the system throws back an error that the BES can not read all of the information about my Curve so the phone will not register with my email address.

    2. Undeterred though, I've attempted to register my phone with the BES network via the Enterprise tools on the phone. It asks me for a BES password (which I generate on the BES server) and that email is delivered to my inbox.
    I then go back to my phone and enter in my email address and the password provided. The Activation process seems to start but just sits on "Activating <email address>" I also do receive the RIM_ email with attached .DAT file. to my work email address. In fact I just received another one while typing this and the phones shows to be "retrying."

    I'm a little confused as to what I might be doing wrong. I performed a test by sending a PIN message to myself and that worked (check mark with D next to it). I also turned off all other connection types except mobile network (bluetooth, wi-fi, off) as well as reset the battery without turning the Blackberry off as suggested in other threads.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or guidance on this matter. Thank you.
    05-15-09 10:16 AM