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    What 3 phones will you be carrying when January 1st 2020 comes around?
    Interesting question. No clue what I, myself, will be carrying in 2020. If anything? Lol. ReTIREment for me might just be all three handsets under the TIRE... Lol. Especially if no one makes a usably sized HANDset by then!

    One option might be what I'm using this minute... I'm typing this with left thumb on a deactivated 9900 that my "smart guys" have made to "think" it's a bluetooth mouse/keyboard for my K1...!!! . Still plenty clunky but gradually improving... . Brilliant minds never rest... Lol
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    What 3 phones will you be carrying when January 1st 2020 comes around?
    Wow. I haven't even seriously started looking at my businesses' forecasts for 2019, much less anything at all in 2020, but in the interest of civility I will make a prediction, based on the following historical facts:

    In 2016, WhatsApp announced they were ceasing support for BB10 phones on 31 December of that year. But in January 2017, the app worked fine on my Z30.

    Then the deadline moved to 30 June 2017. In July 2017 Whatsapp still worked fine on my Z30. In December 2017, I read the dire warnings on CrackBerry and went to Cobalt's page and installed all his files on my activated BB10 devices. So, on 1 January 2018 Whatsapp and everything else worked fine, although I had to use the Google Play app and start over. CrackBerry has always had a solution for my problems since I bought my first smartphone, a Curve 8520. I used that phone four years and still have it.

    Then in mid-January this year someone I let into my house stole my beloved personal Z30, and some apps could not be replaced on my new Z30, especially my bank app for my personal accounts. I spent a week going to my bank every day and although I am a heavy hitter there, the old app was no longer available and they finally had to tell me apologetically that my only option was the larger app with a mobile token, which I rejected. So to keep a simple bank app on my personal phone, I bought the Priv. I thought Android a disorganised mess, but the Zinqs launcher sorted that out (found that here on CrackBerry) and we have come to a mutual tolerance, my Priv and I.

    My BB10 phones for my businesses I only use for phone calls, SMS and business email accounts, mostly. There are no apps for phones that are helpful to my businesses, and I carry a tablet, currently an Asus, for business use and use a Samsung at home. I prefer the desktop for my work, so with all this I can't see how stopping SUPPORT of BB10 in December 2019 would affect me. A phone with a SIM is still a phone, and If the situation with the BB10 OS begins to deteriorate, I feel confident right now that some genius here on CrackBerry will post a workaround. Besides, I have infinite patience with devices until I figure out how to get them to do what I want. They are only tools, of course, but very personal ones.

    To answer your question finally, I predict that in January 2020 I will carry a Key3 or 4 for my personal phone, a Z30 and a Passport of my choice, for the businesses. So there.
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