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    So I know there are a hundred threads just like this, but everyone has their own story and opinions, so I will share mine...

    I was in Best Buy the other day to pick up something totally non phone related when I walked by the mobile section and they had the Droid on sale for 99 dollars. No rebates, no bullcrap. Just 99 bucks out the door.

    I asked them if they had a working model and she gave it to me and I literally played with it for an hour.

    I ported my number from Sprint to Verizon, and said screw it, everyone says this is the new thing to have and it's on sale... why not?

    Well, let's just say I have a Tour now, just like I did when I walked into Best Buy, except now I'm on Verizon instead. Lol.

    Here's what I found with the Droid...


    Apps Apps Apps... I downloaded so many apps in the week or so that I had it, and there were some frickin cool ones I won't lie. And the app store has an easy 24 hour refund policy for any app you aren't satisfied with.

    Browser... the browser on it is sick, and the dolphin browser is even better.

    Email... while it might not be push email (which I don't care about) your emails actually look like emails that you would get on your computer.Not a bunch of dotted lines and crazy boxes.


    The camera is WORTHLESS. I could draw a better picture than that thing takes. You also cannot rename pictures on the phone (maybe with an app).

    If you are a physical keyboard user, it's a nightmare to type on. I tried every keyboard in the app store, and I just couldn't get the hang. Maybe I'm just not meant for it, but I sure gave it ****. Oh, and that poor excuse for a physical keyboard, they might as well have not even added that on there.

    The call quality sucked compared to my Tour. When you are calling someone, the ringing sounds like a weird robot... once they pick up it didnt seem to be bad, but for some reason it bothered me.

    The lock screen gets so annoying... every time you want to wake it up you have to push the button on top, THEN swipe your finger across the screen. Pain in the ****.

    The flash when used as a flashlight isn't even half as bright as the Tour, and that is one of my most used features of my device.

    The 4 keys at the bottom aren't very sensitive... sometimes I would have to hit the home button a couple times for it to register, and I just like to not have hangups like that.

    I'm sure I could go on, but anyway, I'm glad to be back, and I'm not even mad that my plan is now 20 dollars more expensive a month, just so long as I have a device that I can depend on.

    Lost all my BBM contacts so if anyone wants to add me, my new pin is

    Have a good night everyone!
    03-24-10 12:25 AM
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    What did you do with the droid and why is your plan $20 more?
    03-24-10 12:40 AM
  3. Landocommando12's Avatar
    I returned it and swapped it for the Tour and my plan is 20 dollars more because after porting my number over to VZW I decided just to stay with them instead of porting back to Sprint.
    03-24-10 12:49 AM
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    Thats $240.00 a year extra, money for apps, a new phone, gas, whatever, I'd think about it switching back to Sprint.
    03-24-10 08:56 AM
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    lol, so you got rid of all the technical advancements of the Droid (apps, browser, etc.) because you couldn't stand the ringer and had issues with the keyboard. Okay...

    BTW, I don't blame you not liking it, the Droid in perticular isn't the best out there... not even close. However, if you were impressed with the app availability, the browser, etc. then don't drop Android because you had a bad experience with a handset that's not really geared towards you physically. If you're coming from a BB, you'll need to go with something that's based in portrait design in terms of use. Even if it has to be touchscreen, you'll need to go with this... landscape sliders will not appeal to BB users. This is why 90%+ of all Storm users I've seen use it in portrait mainly.

    Anyway, don't forget that you ported over out of Sprint just as they were getting the HTC EVO 4G... might want to port back if you like saving money and get a chance to mess with that phone when it comes out this summer. Think about it...
    03-24-10 09:19 AM
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    lol, so you got rid of all the technical advancements of the Droid (apps, browser, etc.) because you couldn't stand the ringer and had issues with the keyboard. Okay...
    If all people ever cared about were apps and browsing, we'd all have Androids/iPhones.

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    03-24-10 11:47 AM