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    If this has been discussed before I apologize. I have a bold 9700 and I would like to create an email folder for certain emails I recieve. I have P.O.s with names and addresses sent to me regularly and I would like to save them all into a folder for later viewing. Is there a way to do this ? TIA
    02-05-11 08:15 PM
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    You should be able to press Messages and scroll to the message you would like to save and press Menu/Save. You can then delete them from your Incoming Messages folder. To view them later you can just open the Saved Messages Folder or if you have "Dial from Home Screen" set to No, you can press the letter V. It is a hot key that will automatically open the Saved Messages folder. Press the BB (menu) key and find your Saved Messages folder icon. It looks like an open file folder turned at an angle.

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    02-05-11 10:49 PM
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    Yeah, other than putting them in the default "Saved Messages" folder, there's no way currently to create email folders on BIS.
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    02-06-11 08:13 AM
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    Ok.. thanks to you both. I was hoping there was something better ,but I will work with that for now.
    02-06-11 11:26 AM