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    Attention RIM: As I'm sure many others would like this feature as well, I'd really like to be able to create my own panels on my Torch9850. I've reduced my homescreen panels to only Media and Favorites (and of course, the almighty All). I disabled the Frequent panel because my logic tells me that the OS would be constantly using memory in order to keep this panel up to date, and I figure the few kb of memory set free by disabling it is worth it. Most of my Frequent apps are at the top of the other panels anyway, so it just feels redundant to have multiple panels with the same apps. I also disabled the Downloads panel and set the Download Folder to one I created wich I can access from the All screen. Some ideas for more specific panels, such as: Games, GPS/Maps, Social/IMs etc. to reduce some of the 'clutter'. Anyway, I know you guys are busy working on 'more important things'. Just food for thought. Thanks.
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    yes would me much better
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