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    Hi eveyone , im new here but after talking to tech asistance at verizion i decided that i need to talk to the guru's here.

    so i have a storm 9530 1st version my isssue here is a few things. i need to know if im sending and reciving sms messages from a government phone can they block and or delete there messages off of your phone as well? Im in a weird spot and dont want to get into particulars but i need to be able to save all the messages i get and send to this person, where as my phone is for a normal retail account the person im contacting has a government phone and not owned by them. i do not see an option to save sms text messages so dont know if it can be done at all but need to know.

    also can this same set up have the other person be able to delete you from there bbm and you from them, i did not delete them i just went into messanger and there info was gone as if it got deleted from my phone somehow .

    anyway any help would be great i know this is werid but i havnt been able to get an answer yet or be able to figure out how to make this work for me
    08-31-10 08:51 AM
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    Yes, you can save SMS messages that are sent to you from another device. Simply open the message that you want to save, press the menu button, and select Save. If you have OS 5.0, you'll have to scroll to the message that you want to save. Once these messages are on your device, they cannot be deleted by anyone but yourself. For your friend with the government phone, their BES Admin has full access to whatever is sent or recieved from that particular device, whether it be SMS, e-mail, BBM, ANYTHING. So if you're getting yourself involved in some hairy stuff, I'd probably take it easy, as big brother is no doubt watching, but they cannot do anything to your phone, as they don't own it.

    Yes, if you delete a BBM contact from your list, then your contact is also deleted from that corresponding contact's list as well. So, if you used to have someone in your BBM, and now you don't anymore, there's a good chance that they deleted you.
    08-31-10 09:00 AM
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    sorry im probley making this sound more involved than what it is. This is not like special government or anything just need to be able to save these messages, i however dont have the option to save sms messages....only mms messages have that option. when i called verizon they noticed the same but couldnt tell me why only this persons messages seem to delete all together. Other messages stay on the system for what verizon tells me about 3-5 days. these seem to disapear as if i never made any or the other personnever sent me any. also verizon told me if i go into contacts>then pick the person>then go to activity log, all the messages should be there, but nothing everything is gone.
    08-31-10 10:14 AM
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    If you NEED to save messages. Sign up for Google Voice, get a number. It's free. and have them SMS that number. just tell them you got a new number.

    but it will not send/rec pictures or audio.

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    08-31-10 11:53 AM
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    the Sms messages that disappear may have been written with Tiger Text or another 3rd party app, that leaves no traces after being read. . Just guessing.

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    08-31-10 12:57 PM
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    thanks for the help guys, as you can imagine this bothers me but never had a black berry before so not used to all the thing you can do with them. So wanted to make sure i wasnt dealing with something i couldnt controll...what makes no sense is i can understand that it deletes on there phone cuz system admin probley clears hsitory as once before stated. BUt why mine unless someone had remote access to it. Can that even happen see i dont know ...lol anyway thanks all for replying .
    08-31-10 01:32 PM