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    The other day we saw the article about the "Ask Rim anything you want" session at BB World, and there's no way all our questions will be asked, and answered, there. So I figured there must be a couple Crackberry members attending Blackberry World 2012 and/or Blackberry 10 Jam Conference, so why not make a list of our best questions so that maybe some members could ask a couple of their favourite questions! You may not get answers, but you never know, you could get a straight up answer or something will slip out.

    I know I would appreciate it if the members attending could ask a question or two on our part [those not attending], or even questions they think are worth asking.

    kind of like 1) when will USB OTG support be released, 2) will the bb10 devices have the latest and greatest tech and not leave things out (some don't mind, but that's a big point critiqued by many), 3) how do they plan to innovate/what new features have they come up with, 4) skype, netflix... and 5) will we see any new TAT apps soon?

    So just sound off and express your questions, hopefully some will be asked and better yet, answered! If you're attending one of the events, let us know if you would like
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