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    This is a post I found on a Site that is about the stock market and thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it with crackberry nation.


    James Faucette will probably say that BlackBerry has ramped up production to replace all the defective BlackBerrys that have been returned. 50% return rate ..... NOT !

    Isn't Michael Collins running the show?

    BlackBerry has no debt
    BlackBerry has 3 BILLION in cash
    BlackBerrys platform is secure - Hands down
    BlackBerry dominates the auto sector with QNX
    180 Million short Nasdaq shares
    15 Million short TSE shares
    4 NEW devices coming
    New DOCK station is a game changer
    Q10 and Z10 is selling well
    Channels will put Twitter under
    BBM Money will bankrupt Western Union
    BlackBerry has a book value of $21.00
    BBM will be the #1 Platform by the end of 2013
    PlayBook getting BB10 this summer
    Thor is a great leader
    BlackBerry has CrackBerry Kevin

    should I go on ?

    End quote.

    All very good points but I have to say the last point is the best one.
    You know crackberry Kevin has really made it big time if he is affecting blackberry's stock price...In a good way...lol
    05-31-13 09:53 PM
  2. eaknet's Avatar
    Either that or they ran out of things to say about BB.

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    05-31-13 10:00 PM
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    What site?

    Posted via CB10
    05-31-13 10:18 PM
  4. doggy10's Avatar
    It was seekingalpha.com. I don't know much about stocks and investing and that kind of stuff and I also never heard of this site but I found it from clicking a link at another site. Story I read was about BlackBerry upped its component purchases from Taiwanese company to increase production of bb10 devices. And then I found the quote I posted on the comments for that story.

    Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe
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    05-31-13 10:48 PM
  5. doggy10's Avatar
    I just thought it was cool that Kevin made the posters list of reasons for the stock to rise. Also made me laugh too.

    @ Kevin -Hope you get a kick out of it too.

    Kick'n it with my Z10. #BB10believe
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    05-31-13 10:52 PM

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