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    Please let me begin by saying I love Crackberry.com as well as most of the affiliates found within Mobile Nations. They are all professionally managed, and in my humble opinion a fair representation of the current Tech that each particular site professes to support. I come to Crackberry daily looking for updates and new information be it good or bad and truly appreciate all the hard effort of you and all of your editorial contributors. Trust me I know you must be exceptionally busy trying to meet all the expectations of those that rely on these sites for various reasons. Please don't take my lack of posts as someone who is new to the sites, but usually if I don't feel I have anything of substance to add to the conversation I prefer to remain silent.

    In saying that I think we miss you Kevin. All of your editors/contributors do an exceptional job of providing content for Crackberry, and I enjoy their updates. However truly I miss navigating to the site and seeing two or three articles from you. Lately your contributions have been infrequent, like news truly is slow. (which clearly could be the case) In saying that, many I'm sure are still awaiting your editorial piece in regards to the Annual Shareholders Meeting, that you professed to be working on. I miss your honest and impartial reflections ubout RIM and its direction providing insight to the masses that daily question their support for BB.

    Your enthusiasm for BB10 has likely convinced many to remain/return to the platform. RIM will hopefully recover as a lean and efficient company listening to its developers and user base, who it could be clearly argued is led by you, if not in a regimental way, certainly an influential one. Please return to the editorial table, this is not a testimonial of displeasure but really the pleadings of a fan who misses your important contributions.

    07-30-12 07:16 PM
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    aaawww you miss Kevin!!! he's busy fooling around at the olympics ATM..lol
    07-30-12 07:27 PM
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    aaawww you miss Kevin!!! he's busy fooling around at the olympics ATM..lol
    Yeah, I thought I saw CrackBerry Kevin competing in the 200m swimming and gymnastics events earlier today. But apparently he opted out of the 'berry' pie eating contest in athletes' village.
    07-30-12 09:55 PM
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    I would probably disappear too if I was Crackberry Kevin...really get a haircut it's getting ridiculous!
    07-30-12 10:46 PM
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    I would probably disappear too if I was Crackberry Kevin...really get a haircut it's getting ridiculous!
    Now that's just mean.
    07-30-12 11:28 PM
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    I would probably disappear too if I was Crackberry Kevin...really get a haircut it's getting ridiculous!
    I want to see someone photoshop him as Wolverine lol. Phil, feel up to the challenge?
    CBK can pull of Wolverine, then cut through and red tape that he comes across.
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    07-30-12 11:35 PM
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    I would probably disappear too if I was Crackberry Kevin...really get a haircut it's getting ridiculous!
    Kevin is busy auditioning for his role as the new Geico Caveman. He will be demonstrating Geico Glovebox for BlackBerry. GEICO | GEICO Launches BlackBerry App
    07-30-12 11:45 PM
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    Hey Macpcp and everybody else,

    Awwww.... I feel SOOO loved. Thanks!

    So here's the deal.... even when I'm not posting on the CrackBerry blogs, I'm always working. Basically from 6am to Midnight each night.

    Just over a year ago, beyond running CrackBerry, I became the Chief Media Officer for Mobile Nations, which really changed my day to day. Instead of just focusing 100% on CrackBerry, behind the scenes I'm focusing on all of our sites and have a lot more responsibility. It's a big challenge and I love it - we've already made a lot of changes over the past year and I'm most excited for the all changes that will be coming over the next six months. I think everybody will be blown away with where we're at a year from now. I'm excited.

    The bad thing of course is in the meantime, I've had way less time to just write and be in the forums to the same extent that I used to. I'm still on top of everything as much as ever, but physically just don't have the same time to sit down and get stuff out. I get pulled at from every direction all day long... which is not good for writing. Luckily and thankfully, as you pointed out, we have a lot of great writers who keep the content flowing, and I try and weigh in as much as possible.

    That said, I **want** to have more time available to still keep my focus up on CrackBerry and writing, which I think will happen now. Last week we had our EiC Summit and we went through a lot of details on how we run things. Part of the benefit here is that I'm going to make sure I have that block of time each day to just write. I think 3 posts a day is definitely my goal. And a few biggie awesome posts to make sure you all know I'm still here working away.

    So I promise...I'll pick it up on the CrackBerry blogs again. Will keep rocking and rolling it. Just had to work through some busy times first to get all the wheels in motion, but now that that's happening I can get back to the blogs more.

    Looking forward to that, and to all the good stuff that's coming.


    PS. If you see me slacking.. do another thread like this...but I promise I'll pick it up!
    07-31-12 11:51 AM
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    Now that's just mean.
    It was a joke
    07-31-12 12:01 PM
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    Thanks vm for such a great response. As I said I know you are busy as it shows in the quality of all of the sites, and truly didn't even consider you as slacking but I look forward to hearing from someone who has the "ear to the ground" behind the scenes at the forefront of RIM as a great company.

    I recently tried WP and gave my Bold Touch a break as the Nokia 900 and the OS looked interesting, all with the intent of using the first device launched under BB10 that would work well with my PB, (which I bought at full price grrrrrrr). Although I like WP, I always intended to use BB10 and your articles and enthusiasm make that decision so much easier. Besides after the WP 8, and 7.8 fragmentation It will be interesting to see the progress of that OS as a whole, lol.

    Again thanks for your reply.
    07-31-12 05:04 PM