04-03-08 11:55 AM
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  1. lemonliniment's Avatar
    Just found you yesterday. Thanks for the great ringtones!
    02-29-08 04:23 PM
  2. troytrudgeon's Avatar
    AHHHH!!!! Happy CRACK DAY!!
    02-29-08 04:25 PM
  3. crimsontide's Avatar
    Happy Birthday and Thanks for all of your help. Awesome site!!!!
    02-29-08 04:34 PM
  4. celticgirl's Avatar
    Great site! Love the downloads. New to site, just getting started.
    02-29-08 04:41 PM
  5. mszlucee's Avatar
    I wish that more versions of blackberries could come out and that i will always have one. after i got a blackberry i never want to use another phone again.
    02-29-08 04:47 PM
  6. croman's Avatar
    i dont know if its the blackbrery thats making me addicted, or if its crackberry.com.... cuz every time im on this site I get more and more addicted to my Berry.

    Happy Birthday!
    02-29-08 05:04 PM
  7. RSNL's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!! I hope I win =)
    02-29-08 05:09 PM
  8. amyers22's Avatar
    We have the same birthday, what could be a better match. Happy birthday to you and me.
    02-29-08 05:10 PM
  9. robjcastillo's Avatar
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    02-29-08 05:11 PM
  10. pbustosjr1's Avatar
    HAPPY BDAY CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!! I never thought anything could replace my sidekick but guess I wz wrong!!!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    02-29-08 05:12 PM
  11. dcscott's Avatar
    And let's all hope for many, many more.....
    02-29-08 05:14 PM
  12. cables3's Avatar
    I'm so happy crackberry exists!! I've learned so much and continue everytime I visit.
    02-29-08 05:15 PM
  13. jheigle's Avatar
    Happy B-day!!!
    02-29-08 05:38 PM
  14. dcarley's Avatar
    happy birthday. loves you.
    02-29-08 05:38 PM
  15. Biffer314's Avatar
    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!
    02-29-08 05:40 PM
  16. lruiz006's Avatar
    I Looooove Crackberry. Happy Birthday And Thank You
    02-29-08 05:47 PM
  17. Suite360's Avatar
    Happy B-Day CB!
    02-29-08 05:59 PM
  18. bacidath's Avatar
    happy birthday... love the site
    02-29-08 06:09 PM
  19. mmohn01#CB's Avatar
    Not as cool as a summer Birthday, but I could see how someone would create a forum in the winter when everybody is bored. I wish I had thought of it.
    02-29-08 06:23 PM
  20. stringbeanie's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Crackberry. You rock....hard!!!
    02-29-08 06:33 PM
  21. Roobus's Avatar
    this newbie wishes you a happy birthday
    02-29-08 06:35 PM
  22. CarBob's Avatar
    Hi Y'All,

    My name is CarBob. I'm a CrackBerry Addict and I'm glad. I owe it all to THE best BlackBerry forum on the net.

    HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY, CONGRATULATIONS and may there be many, many more.

    Keep on Crackin',

    02-29-08 06:44 PM
  23. catthewildone's Avatar
    Happy 1st birthday CB!!! I know there will be many more because CB and BB just makes sense!!!!! keep on Crackin'!! Glad to be aboard!
    02-29-08 06:56 PM
  24. CansFan's Avatar
    Happy B-day Crackberry!!

    Awesome site!
    02-29-08 07:29 PM
  25. bbottbanks's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Crackberry - I have known you since the early days but lurked quietly in the background and reading the blog.

    My 8703e is quietly resting on the desk next to my wife's flip phone - little do they know that tomorrow they will be replaced by two shiny new T-Mobile Curves. One for me, the current addict and one for the wife who I had to convert so she did not leave me due to my addiction.

    Seriously though - AWESOME SITE, GREAT INFORMATION and a TON of USEFUL ADVICE - Heres to many many more!!!!

    Brian - bbottbanks
    02-29-08 07:35 PM
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