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    As Requested I'm posting a blog on how this site has helped me sell BB's.
    Please if you have sold BB's because of this site lets hear your story(although I may be the on person that uses this site as a sales pitch...lol).

    I have sold 3 and using CB as the reason for it. I'll share one.

    I had a realitor come into my store trying to get a new razr. I asked what he did for a living and asked how important is his email? I also told him that not only can hey get his email he can get on his internal site to see as soon as the houses go for sale. He then asked if there is a way to get help if he runs into problems, I told him he can call me and ill be able to help but I pulled up CB on my BB(lol kinda rhymes) and introduced him to our online support system. He was in shock that there are so many people that have these things(BB's) and he has never heard of these. ** 3 weeks later** Mr. Customer calles me and lets me know that he is addicted to his BB.

    Thanks CrackBerry!
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    Cleach - Great Sales Pitch

    Whilst i am not a Phone Retailer, i counted last year i probably sold over 45 phones, of which 30 were BlackBerries.

    Now all these Sales were people i had converted - without much pressure. And the reason was the fact that there was support. Most my family have converted and they come to me if they want to know something. If i dont know something, i would ask someone that did. Since the birth of CB.com, i have mainly been guided by Kasper and Nav - and occasionally the opposite way round. But the point i am trying to make is - Crackberry Addiction isnt just about the phone, its about the people...

    Whilst friends come and go, Blackberry is for life still stands, this site breaks the rule...
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