07-11-08 12:28 AM
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  1. saechavarry's Avatar
    I would like the BOLD!!! because it looks SWEET! and for the IMPROVED OS.
    I can't really think of anything that berry's need to get better at, they already have it all!
    06-24-08 08:35 AM
  2. RConcheiro's Avatar
    in on contest
    06-24-08 08:36 AM
  3. juanyboomba's Avatar
    I'm definitely looking forward to the Javelin. Coming from the Windows Mobile world, I've had my fair share of clamshell & touchscreen smartphones in the last 3 years and only just recently converted to the BB World [a BB 8703e from Verizon] because of work. Although I was happy with my previous smartphones because size and overall coolness, nothing beats a full keyboard and the solid BB OS. So now that the Javelin info & pics have started to pop-up, I'm definitely excited at the possibility of having a completed package (looks, function & reliability).
    06-24-08 08:36 AM
  4. well_armed's Avatar
    new user and new member here, looking forward to seeing how RIM does with the Thunder. I'm eager to see if it can become the iPhone killer.
    I came from a Moto Q and will not use another Windows Mobile phone again after having my BB for a little over a month.
    06-24-08 08:36 AM
  5. Blueline29's Avatar
    Cool contest! I'm already super-excited about my Curve, but can't wait to see and play with the new Thunder. I messed around with an iPhone over the weekend and while it was kinda cool, it just wasn't....a BB.
    06-24-08 08:37 AM
  6. skibs24's Avatar
    The BOLD is lookin hot!!! My pearl could use a sidekick
    06-24-08 08:37 AM
  7. jimofcheeni's Avatar
    Planning on buying a curve soon. May as well be a free one!

    fingers crossed
    06-24-08 08:37 AM
  8. Brass_Monkey's Avatar
    Please Please Please Let Meeeee Wiiiiin. Nice going guys. Love your site.
    06-24-08 08:38 AM
  9. SCUTCHES1's Avatar
    i want the touch. i hope it kills the iphone.
    06-24-08 08:40 AM
  10. brokerbh's Avatar
    Count me in!
    06-24-08 08:40 AM
  11. JGUZEK's Avatar
    Count me in. A new Bold would make a welcome addition to my families Blackberry collection.


    Next stop,... 300,000 members!
    06-24-08 08:40 AM
  12. Kale's Avatar
    I'm on Verizon and the Thunder has me excited. I might have to replace my beloved 8130
    06-24-08 08:41 AM
  13. mjimenez0's Avatar
    omg Can i truly be a winner for the first time...omg so siked I want a bold no no maybe a thunder nahhh a bold...Ahh I will be happy with a new phone hehe.
    06-24-08 08:41 AM
  14. russcrypto's Avatar
    This place rocks! I am soooooo in.
    06-24-08 08:42 AM
  15. damage76's Avatar
    It's all about the Bold!!! I could do without the touch screen I can't stand fingerprints. At this rate of growth you guys @ Crackberry should hit 500,000 by the end of the year.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-24-08 08:42 AM
  16. ambp23's Avatar
    Congrats on 200,000
    06-24-08 08:43 AM
  17. redfishoil's Avatar
    I want a javelin sooooooooo bad! Why you say?
    Because its got the biggest screen while still having a full qwerty keyboard.
    Gotta have a big screen to show off pictures of my baby daughter!!!
    06-24-08 08:44 AM
  18. Cron99's Avatar
    Who wouldn't want a new BB Bold?
    06-24-08 08:45 AM
  19. JaY-B's Avatar
    Maybe that will be the occasion to get a blackberry instead of this stupid iPhone ...
    06-24-08 08:45 AM
  20. deadman875#CB's Avatar
    Well, I'm still a newbie here, though I've been a lurker for some time, but I wanted to say congrats to you guys (and of course enter for a chance to win ). I'd definitely have to say that I am most excited about the Bold, though the chance to see RIM beat the crud out of the iPhone with their touch screen would be pretty nifty. Most important to me about the bold though is the HSDPA and the WIFI. I'm an avid fan of using my Crackberry for browsing the interwebs and the ability to do it much faster will be an awesome plus. My company is also wireless so the ability to go WIFI AND have a GPS in the phone (since I went with the GPS in my Curve), makes me wanna dance.

    I have only had my Curve for like a month now, and it is my first Crackberry, but I can definitely assure you guys of one thing. After dealing with the easy to use, yet atrociously configured Blackjack, and many other phones even worse than it, I will never, ever, ever, ever be without a Blackberry again.

    Congratulations one more time on your success Crackberry!
    06-24-08 08:46 AM
  21. joshjefferson's Avatar
    I'm definetly most excited for the bold. If I won I would have to wait for it and get it. I'm getting married july 12 and my fiancee doesn't want me to take my berry to the wedding. Little does she know it will be in my pocket in its little pouch instead of on my hip like it usually is. Good luck everyone!
    06-24-08 08:46 AM
  22. awhitley's Avatar
    I'm all for getting free stuff.
    06-24-08 08:46 AM
  23. SilverDolt's Avatar
    Me wanty Blackberry Bold. iPhone boooooooo!
    06-24-08 08:48 AM
  24. FReQ Z's Avatar
    I originally started out with the Pearl, and fell in love with Blackberries instantly. I absentmindedly left it in a cab (I was heartbroken) and I was at a complete loss. it just didn't feel right to go back to using this old Samsung phone I had.

    Several weeks later I was able to buy my Curve, and now I'm in love with Blackberries even more. I've been trying to convert all those I know over to the BB way of life, showing them that a BB is THE best smart phone on the market today.

    I simply cannot wait for the Bold. The larger memory capacity, higher resolution screen, and faster processor all have me giddy with anticipation.

    I'm a HUGE car enthusiast, working and modifying my own vehicles when money allows... but that will be put on hold as soon as the Bold is released. I've got to feed my BB and CB habit!
    06-24-08 08:48 AM
  25. dollardb's Avatar
    I'm sat here in the UK imagining a nice Blackberry Bold in my hand. Nearly on a par with sex........

    4 people in my family - my Wife, me, an 8800 and a pearl!!!! Need a new addition!!

    06-24-08 08:48 AM
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