07-11-08 12:28 AM
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  1. Aliti's Avatar
    Aliti, a couple of years ago:
    "...and I don't see why people need to have a BlackBerry. Can't they just use a phone?"

    Aliti today:
    "Why did I wait so long to get one of those???"
    06-23-08 07:20 PM
  2. T7466's Avatar
    I have not been a member long but have enjoyed every thing I have found here on crackberry.com and I will be around for a while......Thanks!!
    06-23-08 07:21 PM
  3. lhancock's Avatar
    Have to admit I'm guilty of buying the first BB I could get my hands on at the time, the 8830. Feeling a slight bit of remorse with the impeding drop of the Bold but there's no way my wife would ever let me upgrade. Please please... give me a chance to get my hands on that sweet boldness lol
    06-23-08 07:22 PM
  4. sdl's Avatar
    Bold move BB lovers. Crackberry rocks.
    06-23-08 07:22 PM
  5. spinie's Avatar
    Found Crackberry a few months ago and have fallen in love with it. I get to upgrade my phone this year and thanks to Crackberry it will definitely be a BB. You can almost call be a pre-addict because everything I have read from Crackberry has made me want one even more. I think I can wait with my demonic dumbphone to get a Thunder. Thanks and Congrats!!!
    06-23-08 07:22 PM
  6. psychodoc's Avatar
    Honsetly, I'm not sure which new model I would want yet . . . I just got a Curve last week and LOVE it!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-23-08 07:22 PM
  7. dckiwi#CB's Avatar
    Ahhh the new blackberry smell...

    As much as the bold rocks, the Javelin design blows my mind; it's awesome!

    If I was lucky enough to win, although it would almost kill me, I would wait-out for the Jav.
    06-23-08 07:23 PM
  8. jlaw's Avatar
    200k is a LOT of members. Awesome.

    I think the Bold looks great, but the Javelin is growing on me, especially that keypad. Wish it had 3g, but given the browsing experience on a BB to begin with... I could probably live without it. Decisions, decisions!
    06-23-08 07:23 PM
  9. SuperMesh's Avatar
    booyah!!! I <3 you CrackBerry.com!!!
    06-23-08 07:23 PM
  10. jjenkins's Avatar
    Wooooooo Hoooooooo Glad to be in this number.

    Let the party begin........
    06-23-08 07:25 PM
  11. bb_bold's Avatar
    Can't wait for the BOLD to come to ATT!
    06-23-08 07:26 PM
  12. Xicano's Avatar
    I'm currently sporting an 8310 curve and love it! But I'm most excited about the BOLD. And the big feature for me will be the onboard memory/storage increase. 3G will be nice but I really want more memory and the bold will deliver. So thanks for creating this great crackberry community and keep up the great work on the podcast.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-23-08 07:26 PM
  13. aboveaverage12's Avatar
    Congrats on the 200,000 mark. Onward to 300,000!!!
    06-23-08 07:26 PM
  14. bcjanes's Avatar
    Congratulations to CrackBerry.com on hitting 200,000 members!

    I started my BlackBerry life with a Pearl, moved to my current Curve, and can't wait for the Bold to hit AT&T here in the US.

    So I guess you can figure out what I'll be wanting if I win the Grand Prize
    06-23-08 07:26 PM
  15. rchen's Avatar
    Congrats on 200K!
    06-23-08 07:27 PM
  16. Cigarfred's Avatar
    I so need the Bold.
    06-23-08 07:27 PM
  17. megannoelle1's Avatar
    In my opinion, all of the Blackberry phones are really nice. I really like the curve, but the blackberry bold looks pretty amazing.
    06-23-08 07:28 PM
  18. TheSultan's Avatar
    Got my Verizon 8330 Curve in my hand! I've had it just under a month, would it be fair to this little guy to already be looking to the next device???
    06-23-08 07:28 PM
  19. ShanMan77's Avatar
    Here's to continued success to Crackberry.com and all of it's users and abusers.
    This is the best crackberry lover's online community. ;-)

    06-23-08 07:29 PM
  20. koroknay's Avatar
    I really enjoy the podcasts.... keep up the great work. I've been a BB user for six (6) years and currently have an 8310 with AT&T. Really looking forward to the BOLD.
    06-23-08 07:30 PM
  21. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    Simply put, I want a BOLD, just because! At present, I'm using a 8300 (AT&T), and a 8320 (T-Mobile)...
    06-23-08 07:31 PM
  22. mrapplegate's Avatar
    I was going to buy an iPhone, but since I found out about the BB 9000/Bold, I have decided to jump ship and they wife and I will upgrade our ATT phones to two BB9000 phones when they launch. I will be adding this site to my RSS reader to find out when ATT will launch it.
    06-23-08 07:32 PM
  23. agirl65's Avatar
    I really love my curve. I'm not sure I'm ready to move on to the next...

    But wooooo!! Way to go crackberry!!
    06-23-08 07:32 PM
  24. CellMan08's Avatar
    I love this site. Great news, great products and a great group of members. Keep up the good work!
    06-23-08 07:33 PM
  25. reeneebob's Avatar

    I was really excited about the Bold. I really was, but I am so so taken with my Curve that the Javelin (essentially Curve 2.0) is making me weak kneed.

    I would be so happy with a screen and all the features on the Bold in a pretty Curve like package.

    Viva la Crack!
    06-23-08 07:34 PM
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