1. luismaerio's Avatar
    I can't wait to have my hands on the Thunder, it just looks great!
    07-10-08 02:48 PM
  2. mwizz77's Avatar
    new blackberry>> Yay!!!
    07-10-08 02:51 PM
  3. ferddy's Avatar
    For me it's important not to have an I-Phone. All my buddies are lined up to get gouged by Rogers....too bad. Latest report on the 3-G Iphone is that the battery life sucks. A day or less.

    Ended up with a Pearl but my plans are for a world blackberry next time around with a full keyboard. The Bold sounds interesting but will probably wait for several years to see what falls out of RIM.

    I'd like to see a better browser on the Blackberries without having to download 3rd party apps. Same for email. The current format is kinda hookey having to scroll as much as you do.
    07-10-08 03:00 PM
  4. nmbr1bmet's Avatar
    Consider me entered! I am a newbie to the BB world but already consumed with addiction!
    07-10-08 03:03 PM
  5. bamadoh's Avatar
    I just got my first Blackberry three weeks ago and I am already looking forward to a new one. I was trying to hold out for the release of the Bold but I knew I could never make it that long. I would love to get one when they release but the more I read about the Thunder the more I think I would like to give it a try.
    07-10-08 03:05 PM
  6. cwbdawg's Avatar
    Fired up about the Bold. That thing looks as smooth as greased satin. Looking forward to a 3G Blackberry one day.
    07-10-08 03:13 PM
  7. meniac's Avatar
    Oh boy, the contest is almost over - I can feel the excitement! This is such a great contest to have for us crackberry addicts!

    Blackberry > Iphone
    07-10-08 03:18 PM
  8. jenslayer22's Avatar
    Hey I just got my first smartphone a couple of weeks ago. Its a pearl, I'm still trying to figure out everything. A friend gave me this site and so here I am.
    07-10-08 03:22 PM
  9. cilver's Avatar
    i want a blackberry so bad :[
    07-10-08 03:27 PM
  10. yvonnebrc's Avatar
    win a blackberry!!! yeah!!!
    07-10-08 03:30 PM
  11. mrxbiker's Avatar
    Did I Win, Did I Win!
    07-10-08 03:30 PM
  12. andrewpk's Avatar
    Feeding my newly found crackberry addiction.
    Posting and working!
    07-10-08 03:32 PM
  13. KMerrick2's Avatar
    what time is the drawing tmrw?
    07-10-08 03:33 PM
  14. firestarter99#CB's Avatar
    i would love the bold and the beautiful please
    07-10-08 03:34 PM
  15. butrfly1976's Avatar
    I'm most excited about the Bold. It seems to be the most stable new device by BlackBerry at the moment.

    I'm currently rocking the BlackBerry Pearl. I'm new to the BB scene and now that I've had a taste of it I will never go back. Only BB's in my future : )

    For future BB's, I would like to see better internet access. I would like to be able to access the internet like I can from my laptop. Being able to play online games, watch flash movies. I think once BlackBerry gets to that point (which they will), then I will be even more happy and impressed with BB.
    07-10-08 03:40 PM
  16. mrch4os's Avatar
    I'm in it to win it.....I currently have a 8125 Pocket PC...and the only phone worth upgrading to for me right now has to be that Blackberry Bold!....
    07-10-08 03:40 PM
  17. TokenBlackDude87's Avatar
    Ok I just started back working out and im trying to get swole like Thor. What good is thor without his Thunder. Help me I need save money for Christmas gifts, gas, and this high verizon wireless service
    07-10-08 03:45 PM
  18. chris8700's Avatar
    I was fortunate to get my hands on a bold yesterday and now I cant wait for at&t to release it. The screen is so much better then what is available now and the audio blows away the curve. The keyboard is remarkably easy to use as well.
    07-10-08 03:49 PM
  19. mtraver's Avatar
    I visit everyday! Keep up the great work... very valuable information!
    07-10-08 03:56 PM
  20. arcin220's Avatar
    I think I am most excited about the Thunder, although any Blackberry is better than any phone I've ever had so I'm just excited to be here. Keep on rocking crackberry.com
    07-10-08 03:56 PM
  21. champi's Avatar
    Hi from proud owner of Perl.
    07-10-08 03:57 PM
  22. junonion's Avatar
    Wife has one, friends have one...my turn!!!

    Anything decent to use on T-mobile.

    07-10-08 04:04 PM
  23. macmel's Avatar
    I'm new to BB's and I'm already an official crackberry addict. LOL. I'm totally jonesing for a Bold, though. My curve is awesome and so much better than I imagined, but I am definitely jealous of the Bold coming out soon. I NEED it. They've improved an already outstanding product and I can't wait to get it. The bold colors are beautiful and clear, the processor is faster, and even a better browser makes me excited about it.
    Last edited by macmel; 07-10-08 at 04:10 PM.
    07-10-08 04:04 PM
  24. keroppilee's Avatar
    Contest entry!
    07-10-08 04:05 PM
  25. jimho228's Avatar
    It would be amazing to get an unlock thunder!
    07-10-08 04:06 PM
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