1. law663's Avatar
    Will the Bold be available for Verizon? I've read here around Sept., but I'm also hearing rumors of a delay?!?!
    07-10-08 08:17 AM
  2. kwilliams003's Avatar
    I love the curve i have, but since i dont think verizon will ever be getting the bold i will love if we end getting the thunder for sure its an awesome looking phone well blackberrys over all are great cant wait ..
    07-10-08 08:19 AM
  3. csr48614's Avatar
    i'm loving the 8830........
    07-10-08 08:23 AM
  4. jiboko's Avatar
    Ive been reading crackberry for a long time and was only just motivated to make an account (I guess the potential for material gain will do that).

    As for the contest: I would do horrible, shameful, things to get my hands on a Blackberry Bold. (MAYBE a KickStart but I would want to handle it in a store to see if the flipping is implemented well.)

    I really need a smartphone with email functionality now that I am an adult who does adult things.

    Im currently using a dinged up Samsung t629. It barely gets service and I have to resend all of my text messages.

    If I don't win, my backup plan is for Oprah Winfrey to read this post and gives me a bold on live TV.
    07-10-08 08:42 AM
  5. jbasnuevo's Avatar
    I wants a blackberry bold!!!! I been holding out on other smartphones and on the iphone to get one.
    07-10-08 08:47 AM
  6. BBRC2's Avatar
    Enter me please
    07-10-08 08:51 AM
  7. RedWings's Avatar
    Pick Me Pick Me!!
    07-10-08 08:51 AM
  8. kurrupt_1's Avatar
    Hook me up! I love this site and a win for me would only solidify it!
    07-10-08 08:51 AM
  9. dtrev's Avatar
    I have a curve that replaced my Pearl. The only thing that could improve the Blackberry Curve experience would be a touch screen. I have not heard about the Thunder nor seen one. That sounds like it would be the ultimate machine (Phone.) iphone owners eat your hearts out. Blackberrys are way tastier then Apples
    07-10-08 08:52 AM
  10. bogey's Avatar
    I listen to your podcast while on the road. Don't get me wrong, they are enjoyable, but I would like to hear more about how others use their BB's. Have you ever heard Leo LaPorte or Steve Gibson of Security Now? They get a lot of user input and questions that are answered on the podcast. I can never get a lot of knowledge about my BB and would love to hear it on your podcast. Thank you and Craig for all you do for the industry.
    07-10-08 08:55 AM
  11. nikolaic's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold is the Future!
    07-10-08 08:56 AM
    I have to say this is a cool contest! Wouldn't mind seeing the Thunder on my hip! I will make sure and provide a post when I and if I win one!!!!! Thanks for the chance....
    07-10-08 08:58 AM
  13. Dhashbrown24's Avatar
    I have the BB 8310, but would love the BB Bold. . .430 x 320 resolution screen, 624 MHz processor, 4.6 os, enriched wi-fi and GPS. . .Deifinitely would be a nice replacement. . .!!!
    07-10-08 09:07 AM
  14. CrackedoutCurve's Avatar
    I am a 8320 owner, running OS 4.5 with T-mo service and loving it! I am most excited about the introduction of the Thunder. Being as though I am completely happy with my Curve and constantly updating it with new and different software, I am in no hurry to get another phone. Thats why I feel like I can wait it out for the Thunder to hit the market and by that time I will have saved up enough cash to be one of the first ones to get one! (You probably will before me though Kevin. Frack!) I really enjoy the Podcasts and keep up the great work.
    07-10-08 09:12 AM
  15. zbockett33's Avatar
    bring on that bold!
    07-10-08 09:12 AM
  16. mam's Avatar
    Bold or thunder!
    07-10-08 09:19 AM
  17. Laurie_18's Avatar
    I am an apple lover.. but the iPhone got nothing on my BlackBerry... It rocks!!!
    07-10-08 09:19 AM
  18. sgtmaj's Avatar
    hands down and simply the best for me thunder
    touchscreens are whats to come.
    i love crackberry.com
    07-10-08 09:21 AM
  19. MI_Craig's Avatar
    I'm in! Thanks
    07-10-08 09:23 AM
  20. steeps's Avatar
    I was a Treo user ever since the first Treo and I've had every upgrade since. I was tired of the resets and thick/heavy form factor. Now I have a Curve 8330 on Sprint.

    I like the 5 way navigation better on the Treo. It always assures that I'm moving the cursor to exactly where I want it and it allows full operation of the phone in a waterproof pouch (I can't get the BB trackball to move in the waterproof pouch). I also miss threaded text messaging and MMS. Hopefully they will come soon.

    I do think the Blackberry is the best smartphone on the market today.
    07-10-08 09:24 AM
  21. sestone's Avatar
    I purchased a Curve, but the minute I saw the Bold I sent the Curve back because I didn't want to pay the full price for the Bold (which I'm sure is going to be bu-ku bucks). The Bold is the device to have!!!
    07-10-08 09:29 AM
  22. Laurie_18's Avatar
    Blackberry has changed my life!!! I LOVE IT!!
    07-10-08 09:29 AM
  23. glowy's Avatar
    I am a noob to my Curve, but I can already see how it is going to change my life!
    07-10-08 09:38 AM
  24. rbraaten's Avatar
    I love this place. I love the blogs, the forums, the free stuff, I love it all. Learned a lot from this place, unfortunately I don't get around to posting much, but for a chance at a Bold? I will definately post. I love my curve, it has truly changed my family. My wife and my daughter all have curves now too. A true BB family.
    07-10-08 09:48 AM
  25. JLinton's Avatar
    if my boss knew how much i read your site...i'd be fired!

    love the site!
    07-10-08 09:57 AM
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