1. roadki1's Avatar
    The Thunder scares me and I want it.

    I love my Pearl but damn.

    Sign me up.
    07-09-08 01:04 PM
  2. Gbreeze#CB's Avatar
    Count me in i want the thunda YO!
    07-09-08 01:04 PM
  3. granka's Avatar
    count me in I need a new blackberry!
    07-09-08 01:04 PM
  4. justaddwater57's Avatar
    I would love a new blackberry bold. 3G connection to call my to shut my apple fanatic friends up? I'm so there. Here's hoping T-Mobile will be relatively quick to pick it up...
    07-09-08 01:07 PM
  5. thwaap's Avatar
    I would love a thunder. but the curve would be nice
    07-09-08 01:07 PM
  6. Matraz's Avatar
    I NEED the Bold!!!!!
    07-09-08 01:09 PM
  7. chrisdoucette's Avatar
    I'm Bold as Love, Just ask the axis

    Gratz Crackberry.com!!!
    07-09-08 01:10 PM
  8. lcfut's Avatar
    This is the best contest ever!!
    first BB for me is the 8300 but looking forward to the bold if AT&T will ever decide to have an official release date!!!

    how can life get better? with a BOLD in my hand.......
    07-09-08 01:11 PM
  9. willbillsbitch's Avatar
    would love to get my hands on a new thunder!!! cross my fingers
    07-09-08 01:12 PM
  10. Ellipse's Avatar
    Why they didn't release a phone called the Lightening is beyond me. Everyone knows that Thunder always follows lightening. (ok, wait, that is a Disney/Pixar Cars line, isn't it...oh bother).

    I am patiently waiting for the Thunder to arrive. I am big fan of touch screens as opposed to tiny buttons. Besides, I like the thought of being able to write on it.

    ...now if it could only read my nasty chicken scratch writing style.....
    07-09-08 01:13 PM
  11. Mrxuneek79's Avatar
    COUNT ME IN! A bold sounds very delicious to me!!!
    07-09-08 01:13 PM
  12. CKL's Avatar
    I really love my Pearl 8120, but some of the new ones coming out look really interesting.
    07-09-08 01:17 PM
  13. sfoaxf's Avatar
    A BOLD would make a great upgrade from my BB Curve.
    07-09-08 01:17 PM
  14. reider84's Avatar
    This contest is great!!!
    07-09-08 01:18 PM
  15. tenterline's Avatar
    I'm happy to say I am one of the 200,000. Way to go CrackBerry!
    07-09-08 01:19 PM
  16. teeoneup#CB's Avatar
    Love the site. Congrats on the 200g members.
    07-09-08 01:25 PM
  17. MarcW#CB's Avatar
    Looking forward to the Bold, but anything 3G is what I really want.

    I'm relatively new to BB, only using for a few months with two hand-me-down phones, the 7105t first and moving this week to the Pearl 8100.

    Thanks for the contest!
    07-09-08 01:25 PM
  18. jbsandiego's Avatar
    ive done some extensive research on the thunder and i would have to say the Bold is probably going to be the best overall BB coming out this year. i cant wait!!!
    07-09-08 01:26 PM
  19. singing dog ranch's Avatar
    Great idea! Hope I win ;-)
    07-09-08 01:33 PM
  20. acidbaby's Avatar
    Nice contest! The BB model I'm most interested in is the BOLD!
    woot woot!! same here
    07-09-08 01:33 PM
  21. ksmelanie's Avatar
    I could use a third blackberry.
    07-09-08 01:35 PM
  22. code007's Avatar
    I'm excited about the thunder. Finally a touch screen blackberry. Curently sporting a pearl 8100 which is still my fav but touch screen would be worth going to a bigger screen.
    07-09-08 01:37 PM
  23. igotthat's Avatar
    i just joined not long ago, this is my 1st post!
    07-09-08 01:39 PM
  24. igotthat's Avatar
    btw that new thinder looks awesome! wonder when it will come to tmobile?
    07-09-08 01:40 PM
  25. pirate03's Avatar
    World Edition or Bold.....come on, hook me up!
    07-09-08 01:40 PM
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