1. nightshadow's Avatar
    I think the most interest would be the Thunder just to see how BB takes a stab at the touch screen market but I am looking forward to the bold myself as I have to have a keyboard
    07-06-08 11:22 PM
  2. Hoffman.Seth's Avatar
    I am really looking forward to OS 4.5 and beyond, integration with the BES and future releases thereof.

    I currently have an 8830 through Sprint (in WV they have excellent coverage -- which is hard to come-by here in the mountains). And really have no complaints. The new Bold looks nice, but I don't have anything bad to say about my 8830 honestly, so I am just looking forward to the next batches of software. After all, the software really determines what the device can do. :-)
    07-06-08 11:35 PM
  3. tatorabelo's Avatar
    I love the new Blackberry BOLD for the WIFI, GPS, HSDPA and of course the O.S. 4.6! BUT i like the 3.2 megapixel of the camera of the javelin!
    07-06-08 11:37 PM
  4. theresin's Avatar
    a new Bold would be pretty freakin sweet
    07-06-08 11:51 PM
  5. pncntigger's Avatar
    Got rid of my iPhone to get a Pearl and loved it so much I bought an 8800 to play with. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Bold.
    07-07-08 12:00 AM
  6. bsimcox's Avatar
    A Bold would be sweet !!! Im in...
    07-07-08 12:12 AM
  7. BenXP's Avatar
    Count me in, too.

    I like my Blackberry Curve a lot, but would love an upgrade to the upcoming Bold!
    07-07-08 12:53 AM
  8. 86txssp's Avatar
    i love this site!! a blackberry bold is what i see in my future but for ATT.
    07-07-08 01:58 AM
  9. anon(1092138)'s Avatar
    Imagine..... a "Bold" to type away on while laughing at the iPhone/stylus users.....
    07-07-08 03:28 AM
  10. monochromatik's Avatar
    i'm excited for the bold, although unless i win this contest, i don't think i'll be getting it for a while. i actually just took the blackberry plunge and got the curve 8320 for t-mobile, so i'm new to all of this ... but, yeah, the bold looks really good.
    07-07-08 03:41 AM
  11. williampetry's Avatar
    Woo Hoo! I can't wait for the Bold release! That would definitely be my phone of choice should I win. I hope it has easy access to the micro SD card slot like my Pearl has. As far as something that I would like to see integrated into my Blackberry, I would like to see a "Re-loadable account" service so that I could load some money online to my Blackberry and just "scan" it instead of my debit card at places I go often... say my favorite coffee shop. Not sure if there would be a way to do this, but I still dream of it often. My Blackberry is in my hand at ALL times & it would be a lot easier than reaching into my pocket to pull out my wallet. Integration of that into my Splash Money application would be even sweeter!
    Last edited by williampetry; 07-07-08 at 07:02 AM.
    07-07-08 07:00 AM
  12. skifri's Avatar
    I'm ready and waiting for my BBB replacement for my BB 8800! My BlackBerry Bold craving stems from:

    Improved email attachment handling!
    Streaming Web Video support! (YouTube etc..)
    More room for apps! 1GB onboard memory
    Faster CPU -> Fewer hangups when I have 4 or more programs running simultaneously
    Standard Headphone Jack! (Huge Flaw of the 8800)
    Improved Media Management (Hooray Music!)
    3G Tethering!
    Active Data while talking on the phone!

    So yeah.... I'd like to win one!
    07-07-08 08:04 AM
  13. leejg99's Avatar
    Using a Curve right now but would love to upgrade to one of the new Blackberries. Here's to hoping for the lucky draw!
    07-07-08 08:11 AM
  14. CTLAdvance's Avatar
    I can be patient if I was to win.... Count me in!

    200K way to go!
    07-07-08 08:17 AM
  15. Maven454's Avatar
    Can't wait for the Bold, but since I only got the 8830 (Sprint) last summer, it seems kind of silly to get a new BB so soon.

    Right now, I'm waiting impatiently to get OS 4.5 on it :-( Can't wait for the HTML email viewing and the ability to deal with native word documents, I really missed that from my Palm and couldn't believe that the BB didn't come with some basic software to do documents.


    PS Any other Sprint 8830 BB users have issues where they have to completely reboot the BB before Sprint Navigation can get a GPS location?
    07-07-08 08:56 AM
  16. JMSpartan's Avatar
    I love my curve with verizon wireless. Before I even got a blackberry I was addicted to cb.com! It helped me choose the right blackberry for me and what I should look for when it comes to service provider and rates. I love my curve, but a bb bold would be nice. I would love to give it to my wife because she is starting to become addicted to my curve!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    07-07-08 09:21 AM
  17. serenity74's Avatar
    Using a Curve 8310 right now but would love to upgrade to one of the new Blackberries. Missing video like i had with my Palm Treo 680, so hoping that I can upgrade to a BB with streaming/recording video technology (for AT&T)!
    07-07-08 09:44 AM
  18. ggoldbogen's Avatar
    I'm very excited to be part of the legendary Blackberry Comunity! I'm really enjoying all the features on my Pearl and am still learning all the possibilities. It's great to have a place where I can get information. I would sure like to learn how to dowload video, though!
    07-07-08 09:45 AM
  19. FogmanSF's Avatar
    New Curve, but fingers crossed for a Bold.
    07-07-08 09:45 AM
  20. GoCards's Avatar
    I'm in. Congrats to Crackberry for 200K members.
    07-07-08 10:05 AM
  21. thamiltonjeaj's Avatar
    Count me in...can I get my winning smartphone a particular color?
    07-07-08 10:07 AM
  22. firewalkr333's Avatar
    I am the most excited about the BB Thunder. I am currently rocking a pearl on the verizon side. I would love to see wifi on all service plans.

    I Love Crackberry.com

    thanx all

    07-07-08 11:35 AM
  23. argyros's Avatar
    New to BlackBerry and to CrackBerry...

    Currently enjoying my Pearl and would certainly consider a Bold or Thunder.
    07-07-08 11:40 AM
  24. roadie1305's Avatar
    I've used a Blackberry for the past 4 years and have recently upgraded again, this time to a new Curve. but as my luck would have it, literally the day after I bought the Curve, Blackberry introduced the Bold. I guess I'll just have to either win this contest or pony up the $$$ to buy it myself. Her's hoping for a win!!!
    07-07-08 12:08 PM
  25. jneill4's Avatar
    Aside from having to reboot it every few days, I LOVE my new Pearl. The Bold looks even better though!
    07-07-08 12:37 PM
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