1. xxVASILExx's Avatar
    Blackberry Bold Is Gonna Be Awesome!!!
    06-26-08 08:34 PM
  2. goldeneyephotographs's Avatar
    Crackberry rocks! I hope I win!!!!!!!!!!!!
    06-26-08 08:36 PM
  3. ticklecow7's Avatar
    crackberry is the best website in the entire world! i would love to win a blackberry bold!!! =) ^_^
    06-26-08 08:38 PM
  4. aztechmaster's Avatar
    OK gotta say Blackberry has blown me away.. I have been a curve user for about a month now (verizon), previous phones were all wm6 (touch, 8525, s710, juno) and face it...they cannot compare. Which new Blackberry am I excited about? ANY ONE! They can only get better, right? Pity the unknowing masses without a Blackberry..........
    06-26-08 08:41 PM
  5. sizzle's Avatar
    Awww... I joined too late! But definately count me in for this contest. I would need to see what the future BlackBerrys are like, but the Javelin and Thunder are in great interest. As long as the Javelin has 3G! I guess we will have to wait and see.
    06-26-08 08:44 PM
  6. nofear41's Avatar
    A new phone would be great... if only it didn't take an extra 8 months for Verizon to release it...
    06-26-08 08:47 PM
  7. wishful's Avatar
    I love my Blackberry, but for an odd reason: I text and IM and email, but it just looks sooooo "grown-up" compared to a sidekick, so if people see I'm busy they think it must be serious, when I'm really just texting a friend about yoga

    It's just great being "in disguise" while having fun!

    I like the PIN thing too except no one has sent me a message lately *hint*
    06-26-08 08:48 PM
  8. omedghill@msn.com's Avatar
    Holding on 2 my 7520, surely can use a Blackberry Bold!
    06-26-08 08:50 PM
  9. baweseman's Avatar
    I am very intrested on getting my hands on a BB Bold or the Thunder.
    06-26-08 08:51 PM
  10. ggmarcus's Avatar
    Great job I know My friends and I promote crackberry all the time!!!!
    06-26-08 08:53 PM
  11. VzGuy's Avatar
    My first post.. What better place to start, by entering into the contest.... Cool site, Looks like I can spend all day/night here..
    06-26-08 09:00 PM
  12. poopoohead8's Avatar
    very cool!
    06-26-08 09:01 PM
  13. R.Lee's Avatar
    200K and on the way to a MILLION!

    Great site. Make mine the touchscreen when it's ready.

    06-26-08 09:07 PM
  14. twinsin99's Avatar
    I love my BB 8830 but I would love to see the touchscreen version. My ideal BB would have a camera, GPS, and all the other features my BB8830 has. Plus an easier way to see if I have a text message, maybe it's just me being fairly new at this.
    I'd love to win!
    06-26-08 09:07 PM
  15. jcasavant's Avatar
    The Bold looks to be very cool but , hey I am on Verizon and the Curve is BRAND NEW... so waiting for that one could take years
    06-26-08 09:08 PM
  16. simiglen's Avatar
    i would love a new toy
    06-26-08 09:11 PM
  17. rip#CB's Avatar
    i am new here and i am so addicted. I have found the best info here!!!! thankx everyone!!!! and if i were to win i guess i would have to go with the thunder.
    06-26-08 09:16 PM
  18. Hsindelar's Avatar
    woooo! 200,000 members!
    06-26-08 09:16 PM
  19. Jay_eS_Iye's Avatar
    well of course i had to respond (though it's like my second post ever) because though I haven't really looked at the other upcoming BlackBerry's, I think the Bold is sexy, plain sexy. Just got my Curve about a week or so ago but I'm liking it for sure
    06-26-08 09:22 PM
  20. paluma0268's Avatar
    I am in love with my curve, but would love to have a javelin! Now that I have a blackberry, I can't imagine life without one! It is unbelievably easier than having a separate cell phone/pda combo, and much easier on the eyes than the others out on the market now.
    Congrats on 200,000 members-it's a great site!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    06-26-08 09:22 PM
  21. Deinonychus#CB's Avatar
    Well, not only does CrackBerry have THE selection for BB's accessories, but they also have THE contests too! Sitting here with the Blackberry Pearl... got the blue so I wouldn't have the 'Curse of the Black Pearl' But oh how the Javelin is calling too me. The best thing - in winning one - is knowing I will have no problems because of the decent selection of accessories and software here at CrackBerry to Pimp it too the max! Thanks CrackBerry for showing me the way!!!

    One of the reasons why I think the Javelin is the BB for ME?
    I like the idea of the Javelin's higher mega pixel camera, why carry more than you have to on vacation? The old saying: "Good things come to those who wait." Needs to be changed to "Awesome things come to those who wait!" I will gladly wait for you to send me the new Javelin. Thanks

    Veni, Vidi, Visa!
    06-26-08 09:22 PM
  22. LimeyDi's Avatar
    Size may not matter but here's to a growing community of BB fanatics. And here's wishing me good luck in the contest. Love my new Global Edition Scarlet BB.
    06-26-08 09:22 PM
  23. a4panda's Avatar
    I really...really...like the BlackBerry Bold!!!!! I'd actually give it to my fiance if I won it!! I was a BB virgin until he bought me my *awesome* PINK Pearl 8130 (I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT)!!! It's all his fault I'm so addicted to it but I love him for it!! I couldn't live without my pearl or him....so he really deserves it!!! I'd love to be able to win it for him! He's in need of a new BB! His has been through heck and back but it's still kicking!! I'm obsessed with this website b/c of him too. I check it like 100 times a day....seriously!!! Peace - Absolut*Amanda
    06-26-08 09:25 PM
  24. IamGOV's Avatar
    O.k., so I wish I could determine what the heck my carrier is going to release as far as the BB world is concerned. I currently have the curve and any one who has checked this site out regularly over the past 4 months knows the frustrations us Sprint customers went through. Now that we have the device, with it's upgraded OS and extra memory (not to mention unlim. plan) some got jealous.

    Not to worry though shortly after getting the curve the Bold was announced and then OS 4.5 released, thus leaving Sprint behind again.

    I don't want to keep going on about Sprint, but it helps define my answer to you Kevin. I would like to eventually have the touch screen thunder, but since Verizon is the one and only to get it I will also enjoy the Bold just the same.

    You know what, screw it. I love BB more than cell companies. I will leave Sprint, pay my insane 750.00 for all my phone lines to switch to Verizon for the touch screen Thunder (if I win).

    Pick me and I will even write a Blog about the whole experience. Thanks Kevin!
    06-26-08 09:25 PM
  25. btai625's Avatar
    man i hope i win, so i can get a bold and give my curve to my sister =)
    06-26-08 09:29 PM
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