1. camattin's Avatar
    Will the Bold make me be more bold? Who knows... but if I win, we'll all find out. ;-)
    06-26-08 12:40 PM
  2. Fecalboy's Avatar
    Love this site and it has been helpfull to a BB newbie
    06-26-08 12:42 PM
  3. InvincibleCivic8120's Avatar
    I am still new to the site but glad to see i'm part of a great band of brothers...lol

    I looking forward to the Kickstart, i like the idea of a flip blackberry pearl. I would love to switch my 8120 for the kickstart when it comes out...too bad rogers won't have it. the one feature that would be cool in the kickstart is if they let you change the color of the trackball like they did with the 8100.

    I think(probably not possible) i would like to see a speech to text program embedded in a blackberry cuz we know we all love to multitask and that would add to the infinite power the blackberry has...lol

    Congrats Crackberry
    06-26-08 12:42 PM
  4. bberry8310's Avatar
    i am SOLD on the BOLD!
    06-26-08 12:43 PM
  5. Berryaholic's Avatar
    I just got my first Blackberry and... I'm NEVER going back! I honestly could not choose just ONE new model that I'm interested in. The phones are superior to all on the market. I'm absolutely obsessed with my Pearl and SOOO happy that I made the switch.
    06-26-08 12:43 PM
  6. lambychic's Avatar
    To be honest, I don't know if I could let go of my Curve. I'm not diggin on the look of the Bold. It reminds me of the Motorola Q9. I'll have to wait and see when it comes out.
    06-26-08 12:45 PM
  7. ccannon4's Avatar
    I hope I can win!!!! Hahaha
    06-26-08 12:48 PM
  8. ms.caren's Avatar
    Im still a new member and learing about this site along with my bb, I got two great things..My bb and this site to complement it! Gongrats to CrackBerry!!! Thanks!!
    06-26-08 12:48 PM
  9. geoffmcmanus's Avatar
    w00t.....I will take the new Bold please!
    06-26-08 12:49 PM
  10. WJRobbins's Avatar
    Free Crack...berry! Count me in! And on my birthday! How sweet!
    06-26-08 12:52 PM
  11. tasitoc04's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    My name is Tudor Saitoc. That contest I'm sure sparked a lot of interest in posting in this thread for the first time. This is my first time posting.

    Any business owners that are currently accepting credit cards, give me a call. I offer the lowest rates in the country.

    877-367-0999 EXT 303

    Hope to hear from you guys!
    06-26-08 12:53 PM
  12. cosmodoll's Avatar
    Decisions, decisions!!! Need more time to think, but I can probably come to a conclusion by July 11!

    My pearl is old, but thanks to crackberry.com I can now use my stereo bluetooth headset and listen to my music! Yay for upgrades from Germany (or wherever 4.5 was linked to!)
    06-26-08 12:54 PM
  13. miaflea's Avatar
    Yay I hope I win! Go me!
    06-26-08 12:54 PM
  14. cros730's Avatar
    Got hooked 4 years ago and never looked back.

    Looking forward to the BOLD for sure.
    06-26-08 12:54 PM
  15. Sentinel's Avatar
    Please enter me in the contest!


    06-26-08 12:55 PM
  16. john.nelson2's Avatar
    The Bold is the greatest invention since Sliced Bread. It will the face of the BB line. Until the Touch Screen BB comes out. If I win that is the one I will get and show it off to all that want to gaze upon it.
    06-26-08 12:55 PM
  17. berryboldaddict's Avatar
    wow if i could have any BB smartphone in the making it would have to be the BOLD baby, for its super fast speeds and its wonderful looking screen.

    in a future blackberry a larger display would be nicer, i have an 8100 and screen size sucks.

    06-26-08 12:55 PM
  18. ealthoff's Avatar
    Not sure which model I am interested in Verizon seems pretty slow in getting out new models. Plus I just bought my blackberry 8830.

    Right now I have an 8830 world phone which I love. Its way better than my old treo 700p which had so many of the classic palm problems.
    06-26-08 12:57 PM
  19. jgensler's Avatar
    Congrats Crackberry! I have had my Curve for not even a month but would love to upgrade when the Bold arrives...
    06-26-08 01:01 PM
  20. k.la31's Avatar
    Im totally addicted to my curve! excited to see the new features for the bold tho.
    06-26-08 01:01 PM
  21. kstrouse's Avatar
    I cannot wait for the Bold to come out. It's got everything I've been waiting for: a bigger screen, 3G, new OS...What I like about all of this is that it'll make what the BB does now that much better, AND it'll make it possible to do even cooler stuff with the BB. How did I ever get by without one? Can't even imagine the new apps that I won't be able to live without in six months.
    06-26-08 01:02 PM
  22. DeniseK1's Avatar
    I'm real happy with my Curve. But, if someone were to give me a new Bold, gratis, I wouldn't say no...
    06-26-08 01:02 PM
  23. fy729's Avatar
    Please let me win!!!! hahahaha
    06-26-08 01:02 PM
  24. aclare's Avatar
    Corporate just crashed my dream of owning either the new 3G iPhone or HTC Diamond Pro and instead I have been 'forced' into carrying a curve. As a former WinMo user I am still getting used to this platform. The new bold is definitely a step in the right direction by RIM and I'm looking forward to testing it's capabilities. If crackberry.com can facilitate that by presenting me with a 'free' Bold when it becomes available I'd post on it's functionality daily .
    06-26-08 01:05 PM
  25. philven's Avatar
    I just got a Sprint Curve 8330 and love. Best phone I have ever owned. I used to have a phone and a Palm. I have ditched the Palm and now only have one device to do everything, and more, than before. I wonder which device of the new three BBs will Sprint carry?
    06-26-08 01:06 PM
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