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    Hello Everyone,

    I just got the new curve 9360 and I have a couple of questions. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Question the first: How do I resize a picture so that it isn't huge when I use it as a wallpaper? I've tried several times to use a picture as a wallpaper and every time the BB seems to blow it up so that it doesn't fit the screen, like it's zoomed in. I tried resizing it and saving it again then using a wallpaper and the same thing happened I can't seem to find any settings that default the wallpaper to huge proportions either so I'm not sure why this keeps happening.

    Question the second: I'd like to change my theme so that the icons are running down the left side of the homescreen. I know there used to be a couple of themes on the old curve where I could choose where the icons go, but there only seems to be one on this version. I also went looking on the net for a theme but can't seem to find any.


    03-07-12 01:05 PM
  2. byul's Avatar
    Try this, i easily do this for all my pictures! And search around on Appworld etc for themes.
    There are tons of themes out there.

    Wallpaper resizer.

    Themes curve-9370-9360-9350.
    03-07-12 01:12 PM
  3. akk60's Avatar
    About the picture resize , just zoom out to the max when setting a wallpaper , this will put the whole image on your screen .
    And those themes , I'm looking for one like this theme , they are called custume themes , because the developer has to remove the sliding dock , there is none for the 9360 , but I remember seeing on bEing developed for the 9900.
    03-07-12 03:10 PM
  4. missvaughan22's Avatar
    thank you I managed to get the wallpaper to work, I checked out the link for the downloadable themes but as was mentioned there aren't any for my BB at this time. I'll keep checking

    Thanks again for all your help
    03-08-12 02:38 PM