1. krimzonskies's Avatar
    Hey everyone,

    i have a few things to ask...

    1. is there a way for bbm to disable the D and R beside messages? i've been searching and haven't seen anything, just wondering if anyone has found a way to do this.

    My fiance's cell contract is coming to an end in april, i'm currently using a tour and have my Storm1 sitting around(with a cracked screen but still usable). She doesn't like the touch screen for cell phones, so i've been toying with the idea of giving her my tour and getting a new phone.. hopfully by then the tour2 or something better will be out.. but if they arent, is the storm2 that much better then the S1? I really liked my original storm but the lack of memory and constant random reboots drove me nuts.

    So my second question is should i look at getting a storm2(or hold out for something new) or get her a tour of her own? I'm just looking for opinions or ideas, or if anyone knows some release dates (i'm on Telus here in canada)

    Cheers and thanks in advance
    02-11-10 02:46 PM
  2. noaim's Avatar
    1. there is no way to disable that feature
    02-11-10 02:58 PM