1. Dervie's Avatar
    My current plan is:

    - Call Waiting
    - Call Fowarding
    - 3 Way Calling
    - Unlim. Nights&Weekends
    - Call Display
    - Unlim. 1x Mob Browser
    - Unlim. Txt
    - Free Long distance in Canada

    And well .. I was thinking of getting a BB as a new phone. My plan is at $20, so I really don't want to get a new plan because I'm getting a new BB.

    My questions are..

    - For BBM, is it a ONE time payment? and how much is it? On Bell.ca it doesn't really mention BBM.
    - With Unlim. 1x Mob browsing, do I need to add-on any social plan? Because I don't really plan to increase my payments per month. I go on Twitter, Facebook, MSN, and Youtube a lot .. so.
    - When purchasing BBM or what not, would I need to call in? or can I go to a branch and have it added there?

    Thank you.
    09-06-10 11:06 AM
  2. wethepeople86's Avatar
    BBM is free for all blackberry's that's why Bell wont mention it in any of there plan. It will be pre- installed on your new BB when you get it, you will just have to create your "profile" when you first use BBM. I am personally through Bell as well and I use the student plan, they offer it everyone in stores and it pretty much unlimited everything and its around the $60-$70 range, witch is really not bad for a data plan. i hope this can help a little bit for you.
    09-06-10 11:18 AM
  3. Dervie's Avatar
    Yeah I understand, but can't I go on those Social Networks via web browsing alone? & I don't really want to change plans, that's the case! I would totally go with a Student plan if so, but yeah.
    09-06-10 11:22 AM