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    Would like the input of some of our more tech savvy posters out there who are more familiar with processors and BB OS.
    We always complained about the processing power or specifically processors of our BB's when we saw what the competition was offering or for example we were in BB app world and we were downloading an app we couldn't even leave that window, let alone try and do anything else on the device. In comparison to iOS or android where we can download 10 apps and have them install while continuing with normal phone use without even a hiccup.
    Now we have BBOS7 and better processors, and while of course we can notice a difference compared to previous BB models but still the devices are far away from the competition when it comes to multi tasking in those or other scenarios.

    I think now we see why blackberry always had slower processors than the competition; Because at the end of the day one can assume that BB OS is clearly the culprit and no matter what kind of processor you put in there you still are not going to get the level of processing power which the competition can deliver and on top of it you have serious battery issues on some devices while not on others (which no one can explain why.)

    All we can do is hope for the best with QNX. And hopefully BIS will be back up in EMA by that time as well.... lol day 3 of no BB service ..lol..jokes
    10-12-11 02:20 AM
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    Things happen when outages occur. Nothing is perfect.

    On the QNX side, even if they don't have it at DevCon, the playbook has it. Patience is what matters most. None of the other carriers use QNX on their handsets/smartphones.

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    10-12-11 04:43 AM