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    This conversation actually took place over a three day period, the last one was today (Thursday, 9/22 2011)


    Me to +14252323572 Add - Everett, WA
    9/22/11 4:18 PM now


    Me: Hi, is your ATT torch still for sale??? 12:17 PM
    +14252323572: Yes 12:17 PM
    Me: great! Does this phone have a imei number???? 12:18 PM
    +14252323572: Yes it does ill give it 2 you when i get home in a lil bit wats your name 12:20 PM
    Me: I'm so sorry, it's a IMEI number. It's what you use to unlock the phone. This is KIM. 12:21 PM
    +14252323572: Phone is already unlock for tombile or att 12:25 PM
    Me: ok. does this phone have that IMEI number. 12:25 PM
    +14252323572: Yes ill give you that info when i get home the phone is at my home ill be home in a couple of hours 12:29 PM
    +14252323572: The imei num is 352766020048996 2:41 PM
    Me: sorry. do you still have the phone? 11:08 AM
    Me: Do you still have the TORCH? 2:01 PM
    +14252323572: Yes 2:03 PM
    Me: yES what is the IMEI number? 2:05 PM
    +14252323572: Give me like 2 hours ill get that info 2 you im not bu home yet ok 2:07 PM
    Me: k 2:40 PM
    +14252323572: 352419010013549 3:22 PM
    +14252323572: Can you meet at the alderwood mall in lynnwood 2day the sooner the better 3:25 PM
    Me: Still available? 11:05 AM
    +14252323572: Yes its available i get off work at 1pm 11:12 AM
    Me: Phone still for sale? 11:51 AM
    +14252323572: Yes its still for sale can you meet me in lynnwood 12:14 PM
    +14252323572: Do you want the phone 2:57 PM
    Me: sorry been busy all day. does this phone come with a PIN#? 3:14 PM
    Me: ??? 3:54 PM
    +14252323572: Ill send you that num or pin in ten min when i get home 3:56 PM
    +14252323572: 352419010013471 and its a black torch if thats ok 4:06 PM
    Me: Does it have a PIN? 4:07 PM
    +14252323572: No pin its unlock tombile or att 4:11 PM
    Me: ok. Thanks. Let me check my bank account balance. any way you'd sell for 250??? 4:12 PM
    +14252323572: Correct and im im lynnwood im ready when you are 4:16 PM
    Me: Great, have the money! Let's meet at the ATT store- 19723 Highway 99 # B, Lynnwood - (425) 672-7270 4:18 PM
    +14252323572: We can meet there in 3 0 min 4:25 PM
    Me: Can be there at 5:30 tonight. 4:25 PM
    +14252323572: 5 pm ill be there in a blue hat 4:26 PM
    Me: OK. I'd like to make sure the phone can be activated on my account before committing. My friend works at this store. 4:26 PM
    +14252323572: 5 3 0 4:27 PM
    Me: See ya at 5:30 4:28 PM
    Me: Are you sure this phone does not have a PIN? My friend says all BB have PINS. 4:33 PM
    +14252323572: Lets meet at barns and noble or spaghetti factory at 5 30 4:33 PM
    +14252323572: Wat kind of pin you can set your own pin if you want 4:36 PM


    Yeah, pretended to by illiterate.
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    OK, posted several months on being burned buying a Torch (no phun intended), while now little more educated, I've found many sellers on Craigslists that are willing to sell counterfeit 9800s.

    One seller provided me an IMEI that was actually valid, but the pic clearly shows a White 9800 Torch with the camera hanging over the edge, this is a dead give away that it's fake. The other sellers play dumb and won't provide IMEI #s.

    So how does one have a valid IMEI number, but clearly advertising a counterfeit Blackberry?

    The detective found video of the transaction, but couldn't identify the person, nor was the number any help.

    New Info: Apparently the Counterfeit Torchs have valid IMEI that can be unlocked.

    Ebay Item: 260856605569
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    Just to let you know, the white torch has the sensor proximity that appear to look like a forward facing camera. The other color torches don't show them as well as the white one does.
    09-22-11 02:47 PM
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    Thanks for this info guys! I don't wanna end up being hunted down because I accidentally purchase these fishy blackberries on craigslist :-(

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    09-22-11 03:49 PM