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    In my opinion this would be a smart move for BlackBerry to make. As part of their partnership with Samsung they could release an S5 or Note 4 with the productivity suite in place of touch wiz and then concentrate BlackBerry's hardware division into producing Classics and Passports for the business market.

    It would be the best of both worlds for many users longing for google play services on BB10 that hate using Android, and all the fanboys couldn't be accused of betrayal because BlackBerry would still be making money off of the software! Lol

    Loving my Passport!
    03-01-15 05:27 PM
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    Please join the discussion in one of these threads:
    We're focussing the discussions in these threads. Thanks.
    (These expanded so quickly that a merge with any coherence isn't practicable.)
    Here's a link to the blog article, for reference:
    03-01-15 05:36 PM

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