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    I'd be willing to spend a morning or afternoon free of charge giving live demos in one of the Costcos or Best Buy's in my area.
    I have played with the Z10 enough and after reading so many reviews, etc could do a good job.

    I will get a Q10 as soon as it's available on Verizon.

    Blackberry Q10 & Z10
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    06-01-13 05:36 PM
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    good to hear *

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    06-01-13 06:33 PM
  3. Chicago777Guy's Avatar
    I saw a separate display unit for BlackBerry at Chicago Costco ...Samsungs were lying on the side...but no lives demos...

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    06-01-13 07:14 PM
  4. rtang1007's Avatar
    I spent 20 minutes walking a guy thru my Z10 this afternoon at BestBuy, Alberta, Canada. So it looks like I was a real salesperson over there. The guy who is currently using a 9900 wants to upgrade to Z10 but he doesn't want to go back to any Android phones anymore because he used Motorola Driod before using 9900 and wasn't happy with the unsecured Android. He doesn't t want to pick iPhone either because he did a lot research and knows that Z10's browser smokes Safari and the UI is way better. After I show my own Z10 and let him type some words using the awesome keyboard then I further demonstrated him the Hub, Active Frames and camera, he is 100% certain Z10 is his next phone. That BestBuy store puts BB10 devices in a standing out table than all other phones. It is interesting that on that table sits Q10 on the left, Z10 on the right and S4 in the middle. So BestBuy Canada is advertising BB10 properly. However, the salesperson over there is not very familiar with the strength of BB10. I am not sure if Costco here is doing good or not.

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    06-01-13 09:32 PM
  5. ndogg1's Avatar
    That's awesome! The more awareness people have the better BlackBerry does! The funny thing is I just did the same for a lady and her daughter at the costco in Balzac Alberta this morning. I heard the lady asking the staff member how the device is and the staff member said he has never used one besides watching the demo. I showed her my z10 and let them message/play (they messaged my wife) with it. They were impressed but the daughter wanted instagram so no sale... I personally don't use instagram and don't see what is so good about it but I hope an app is created. people are so fickle, lol!

    From the mind of a MaNiAc
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    06-01-13 09:44 PM
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    Wanting an app that has has over 100 million downloads on the Big Two is not fickle.

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    06-02-13 12:56 AM

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