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    Ok guys so this morning I plugged in my Bold 9000 into my computer to backup my data onto DM. After I did, it checked for device updates automatically and then there was an update for the 5.0 core apps. So I went on and updated it. As the update was close to the end I got a message saying " device has insufficient application memory" or something like that then it took me back to the Main Menu. I unplugged my phone and noticed it was freezing alot. So I went to check the available app memory and it was down to 212 kb. Then I went on to check the core applications in the applications list. Then I saw 2 of them so I figured that was the problem and why my app memory is so low. Now i'm trying to figure out what to do so if u guys would be kind enough and help me fix this I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much in advance!

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    This is the first time I'm seeing such a problem. A device wipe will help you solve the issue. I hope you have a backup of device data and 3rd party apps. If not, back everything up. Download BBSAK 1.7. Follow the steps below:

    - backup the device
    - download and install the preferred OS on pc (Remove all other os's)
    - delete vendor.xml file
    - connect device to pc
    - run bbsak
    - wipe device using bbsak - this should initiate the OS loading process.
    - restore device data from backup.


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    Haha ya that's what I did cuz I had no other choice but the only thing that I couldn't recover were the apps so I had to redownload them but on the plus side now its back to normal thanks for the help anyways

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