1. ccannavo's Avatar
    I know I have seen a thread about things we all think are cool, but lets add a twist.

    Im curious what something that you think is cool about the BlackBerry, but is not common knowledge. Maybe something like an awesome free program you use, or a secret menu code, or something like that. If it is a program or something like that, please let us know where we can get it!

    I'll start...I think its cool that the BlackBerry allows you to ask your Facebook friends for their phone numbers with a single click!
    05-26-09 12:16 PM
  2. skyrider007's Avatar
    Celebrity BlackBerry Sightings make BBs seem like really cool "IT" devices, at least for me. lol
    05-26-09 01:19 PM
  3. ccannavo's Avatar
    I checked out the site, definitely interesting. Thanks!
    05-26-09 01:47 PM