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    I have read over the similar post but am a little confused. I have an employees phone and would like to pull his contacts off and save in an Excel file before I wipe the phone. When I hook it up to DM, it of course trys to sync with my data but I cancel the sync. I tried doing the backup / restore and then under advanced selecting only the address book. I then selected save as but when I went to pull it up in Excel it was all garbage. Any suggestions?
    07-14-10 11:39 AM
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    You can't go directly from the Address book on the phone to Excel, but you can do it in two steps. First, allow it to sync with Outlook, then export from Outlook in Excel format. That's one way. As an alternative, make a backup with Desktop Manager, read the backup file with ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor, and export from it to Excel. That's three steps, but it eliminates the need to sync to Outlook.
    07-14-10 11:47 AM
  3. ttfmaep's Avatar
    Here's a better way, IMHO:
    Create a new Yahoo email account for this.
    Configure Desktop Manager to sync to the Yahoo account, and then sync it.
    Login in to the Yahoo account, open the address book, and export it to a .csv file.
    Remember to re-configure your desktop manager.
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    07-14-10 11:49 AM
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    Use Desktop Manager. In Synchronization, Syncronization, configure Address Book to Sync to an ASCII Importer/Exporter. Select One Way From Device and click Next. Now click the Options button and choose Comma as the delimiting character. Save the results and then Sync to a file on the PC.

    The resultant file may be read directly in Excel.

    I had to have a couple of goes at this before I got the exact result I wanted. But it did work.
    07-14-10 12:01 PM