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    I've cobbled together a whole house audio system which basically has my music living on my windows PC upstairs that streams to an apple TV downstairs connected to two audio receivers with multiple pairs of speakers. With my wife's iPod/iPad I have access to control the music using it's remote application and it's really slick when it works. I can search/find songs play lists and out comes the music. Success is 50/50, sometimes I need to reboot the apple TV and sometimes restart iTunes.

    I'm now looking for something more blackberry friendly. I've got a bold 9900 and a playbook on the way. Ideally I'd have an application running on my PC and a device downstairs plugged into my stereo that I can stream to. I'd use my playbook/bold as a remote where I can view all my tunes and select which ones I want to play/queue.

    Anyone got any good low cost suggestions that are blackberry friendly? The apple TV was a great deal at $99.

    If I can't find anything good I may need to go out and buy a used iTouch just for a remote as my wife complains everytime I snag one of her devices to play music... she's been trying to convince me to go iphone/pad but I'm resisiting.

    BTW I'm open to running Linux and also have a PS3/Wii I could stream to but in past experience I always needed to have the TV on to view the music through these devices, I want to avoid that by seeing the playlists/songs on the Playbook/Bold. I'd also like to avoid streaming from the device itself to save on battery and not tie up any one device for playing music. What I'm really looking for is song control that is cross compatible with the bold or playbook depending on which one I have in my hand at any given time.


    11-27-11 01:16 AM
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    I'm not sure how Apple TV works, but Tiggit Controller for iTunes works great for controlling iTunes on your home computer using your BlackBerry. if AppleTV just streams whatever is playing on iTunes on your computer, this should work for you. I believe Tiggit has a free trial you can use before you buy it.
    11-27-11 10:28 AM
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    That's why I'm patiently waiting for PlayBook to have A2DP. My whole house system is bluetooth enabled. I can (and do) use my BB phone to control and stream music through my house, but the bluetooth range is limited, and I like to have my phone on me. The playbook would make an awesome touch screen music server. Stereo Bluetooth is on the list of "coming" features. Just get here already.
    11-27-11 11:27 AM
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    Thanks for the responses, I'm not sure how A2DP would help here as I really don't want to have to stream from the PB or BB, I want to use them as controls with the computer being the source. That would allow me to walk away with the devices and still have the music playing (and not draining the devices batteries)

    I downloaded and gave Tiggit a try, it doesn't remove the flakey iTunes from the equation but I'm at least getting basic music control and I can target the apple TV as a speaker device. A question though on Tiggit, what's the difference between the demo and full version? The demo only allows me to browse by songs which is a real pain with 8k+ songs. Ideally I'd like to browse by artist or album much like I can on Apple products.

    Also does anyone know if Tiggit is being ported to the playbook?

    Still looking for better options other then having to leverage iTunes+Apple TV if anyone has any!


    - Niloch
    11-28-11 11:40 PM
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    i like to use remote desktop enterprise android app on the playbook 2.0 beta to control my comoiter which is connected to the flat screen through hdmi. its a great solution for more than just music.

    if your still in 1.08 i used to use teamviewer.com which is a free flash based remote desktop device to control your media pc through your playbook.
    11-30-11 06:06 PM