1. Sirfox's Avatar
    Hi all, I couldn't post a reply in the Crackberry Rocks But... Thread below, is it locked? Also how come the browser took me back to the pc based CB site when I pressed New Thread? 1anted to say thx to ,Naviln et al for the CB shortcut to desktop..really excelent thank you

    Anyway, was paying for an item on ebay today on my Curve when directed to Paypal..however unlike the desktop version for the life of me I could not find out how to pay. I logged into my account ok but no payment options. Actually there was a send money option but it was nothing like the usual checkout page. Can any1 shed loght on this cos I like paying promptly and want to Berry the payment fast
    09-08-07 02:47 PM
  2. CrackBerry Kevin's Avatar
    Hey Sirfox...

    We're working on some improvements to the WAP version of CrackBerry.com over the weeks ahead (we're always working on something around here). Originally the PC site was our main focus, but we're getting a lot more members now who are active over the wap site, so will be tweaking things up.

    There's a few spots in the wap site where it wants to kick you back to the pc version of the site (like if you're reading the blogs and continue on reading the rest of an article). has to do with some the way the browser/device detection is done and what it serves up. We'll get to the bottom of it..just have some patience.

    In the meantime, keep crack'n and spread the crackberry.com word!!!
    09-08-07 03:20 PM