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  1. dohuyhoang8's Avatar
    Did you know about this Contest?
    Join and Feel it

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-tieng-u00252520anh.jpg

    [Miss 001] Hoang Linh Chi

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-u0025255b001-255d-2520ho-25c3-25a0ng-2520linh-2520chi-25201.jpg
    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-u0025255b001-255d-2520hoang-2520linh-2520chi-25202.jpg

    [Miss 002] Nguyen Thuy Linh

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-nguyen-u00252520thuy-2520linh.jpg

    [Miss 003] Bui Thuy Tien

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-bui-u00252520thuy-2520tien.jpg

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-u0025255b003-255d-2520bui-2520thuy-2520tien-25203.jpg

    [Contest] Miss BlackBerry Vietnam 2012-u0025255b003-255d-2520bui-2520thuy-2520tien-25202.jpg

    and more.....on:

    BlackBerry Girls Pictures, no usage permitted without prior written consent. All rights reserved.
    Last edited by dohuyhoang8; 10-15-12 at 04:05 AM.
    10-15-12 01:33 AM
  2. pythons's Avatar
    My vote went for Bui Thuy Tien.
    10-15-12 11:19 AM
  3. steve911's Avatar
    Umm...ya...The girl with the kid or the 10 year old or the hottie at the end. Seriously is this really a legit contest??? btw, I'll vote for Ashley before any of these girls.
    Last edited by steve911; 10-15-12 at 12:15 PM.
    10-15-12 11:45 AM

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