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    I have a user here who has been having some issues with their BB Bold 9000. First it was dropping calls and I was told by my carrier to upgrade the software, which I did and that didnt help so we ended up replacing the 9000 with a 9700, dropped calls is fixed.

    The problem is that since about the time (this is unconfirmed) of the software upgrade (to version the 9000 the user noticed that some of his contacts were not showing up, or not all the information was showing up in his BMW. His BMW has a display which will show all the contacts from the BB and you can navigate and select who you want to call. He said that this was working a while ago, which leads me to believe it stopped working when we did the first software upgrade.

    Because of the dropped calls we ended up replacing his BB 9000 and got him a 9700. The 9700 is running software version and we get the same problem. What is happening is that he has his wife's contact info in his BB like this:

    Marge Simpson

    Home: 555-123-1234

    Mobile: 555-123-5678

    Work: 555-123-4567

    Then he has his sons information, who lives at home with them

    Bart Simpson:

    Home: 555-123-1234

    Mobile: 555-123-5566

    Then lets say he has his wifes work number in there too

    Simpson Boutique:

    Work: 555-123-4567

    now what will show in his car's display for Marge is just her Mobile number. After about an hour of looking at this I have discovered it seems to pull duplicate numbers only once. What I mean is that he already has an entry for the home number 555-123-1234 which shows up for Bart along with his mobile number, so his is fine. He has the Simpson Boutique showing up with the work number, but for Marge it will only show her mobile number in the car. I assume its because it already has the numbers for her work listed under Simpson Boutique and her home listed under Bart. I can understand the logic in this but its not practical. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a bug in the software?
    02-04-10 06:16 PM