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    My main issues is syncing contacts between my Blackberry 9700 on OS6 . let me start by saying I plan to delete all my contacts on blackberry and gmail contacts. I have duplicate address's with different formating. i don't know for sure but believe that by syncing the bb thru gmail as well as on my memory card and thru tmobile everything is messed up. here is what i want to do, delete all contacts everywhere, on the bb on gmail, on my xoom tablet on my pc on my laptop, he, he, starting to grasp my problem.

    i want to then manually add my contacts back to gmail contacts thru my laptop then sync everything and i need special help with the following, i want to set up my blackberry to function only thru gmail,

    question, i know i can install google app, if i do not add to bb contacts can i setup bb to only snyc with gmail?

    UPDATE: Still need some help please, I deleted all my gmail contacts directly on gmail, then deleted all contacts on my 9700 / OS6. Then I typed in all new contacts directly into my gmail contacts via my laptop. Then I went into the 9700, into SETUP, then into EMAIL ACCOUNTS, then setup another email account which was my gmail account, then it SYNCED, which went very well, all the new contacts within gmail contacts filled up my empty 9700 contacts, now... I need to know how do I resync my 9700 with gmail when I add new contacts to gmail contacts via laptop???
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    10-19-11 11:23 AM
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    You can go to your web Gmail, Contacts, and Merge Duplicate Contacts. Getting duplicates is common when you use sync at first. This might save you from deleting and redoing everything.
    10-19-11 01:47 PM