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    Woke up one morning to find my all my contacts gone. Have no clue how that happen cause I was only asleep for 2 hrs and everything was fine before I last touched it. And when I woke up, I found it odd that I had a bunch of miss calls, txt, email, or bbm from numbers I don't recognize (I don't know no number by heart, not even mine...lol). Anywho, I'm going off topic, I did the usual-- restore and go about my day......5 minutes later I had to make a call and to my surprise, I have at least 3 duplicates of every number in my contacts, I had no time to wonder how that till I got home. Got home thinking if I were to restore it again, it'll go back to normal....nope!!!!! It doubled again to 6 duplicates, so I spent the next hour and a half deleting all the duplicates. Got all the numbers deleted and thinking ok, it's all back to normal, back everything up again. Then come to find out, my contacts was not organize, address, email, and numbers were not where they were suppose to be, it's like someone threw all the information in a bag and shook it up then gave it to a total stranger to place it back in the phone. Spent all night redoing my whole contacts. I was so frustrated with the whole process cause it took me 3 hours to do reorganize all my contacts when it should've only been a minute with a routine restore. Has anyone else had a similar problem?

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    04-05-10 06:58 AM
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    Do you use a 3rd party sync program (google)?

    I had a comparable program when I used more than one sync service at a time (ie: google sync and bis sync). I ended up resetting google sync / deleted all entry's on my bb, and did the same on the google desktop, then restored my device with my last successful backup on the dm, then synced the bb with google.
    04-05-10 08:11 AM