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    I have all my contacts saved on my blackberry, but not on my sim card. How do I copy my contacts to my sim card? I have a Curve 8520 running OS 5.

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    Go to the contact > press the menu (BB) button > Select copy to SIM Phone Book

    Going from phone to SIM Card you can only do them one at a time. Going from SIM Card to phone you can copy them en masse.
    08-13-12 10:01 AM
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    Okay, thank you!

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    08-13-12 10:59 AM
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    What do you need to transfer them for? If it's a device switch, keep in mind that a lot of SIM cards (at least "older" ones) have a limited capacity for phone numbers.
    08-13-12 02:06 PM
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    I'm not aware if anything has changed recently, but I'm pretty sure that all you can save on a SIM card as far as contacts go is a name and one phone number for that name.

    That's it.

    If you have any other information for a contact, such as multiple numbers (home, work, fax, mobile), email addresses, physical home and/or work addresses, birthdays, anniversary dates, other notes, you will lose them.

    This was a leftover from the capability of dumb phones.

    Best thing to do of you want a backup is sync with Outlook. Or backup with Desktop Manager if you don't use Outlook.
    08-13-12 03:29 PM