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    I have a BB9000 and my wife has a BB9700, is there a way to sync our caleders? My thought was to link both of our BB's to one gmail account and use the same calender. Is there another way?

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    11-17-10 10:30 AM
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    What I do is have a bbm group with my fiance, then i share my contacts to the BBM group.

    I know it is not what you are looking to do.

    but it does work for us.

    But to help you sync them I was able to find thee 2 articles

    Shared Calendars/Sync multiple Blackberries - Calendar Help

    How to Sync 2 Calendars on a BlackBerry | eHow.com

    I hope these help
    11-17-10 10:35 AM
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    The way my wife and I do it is that her Google calendar is set to share with mine and vice versa. Once you do that, google sync will allow you to sync both calendars to each device. You could alternately register both gmail accounts in BIS and tell it to sync calendar as well; Just make sure you set a rule in your BIS not to send her emails to your device and set a rule in her BIS to not send her emails to yours.
    11-17-10 10:36 AM