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    I'm sure this has been done to death but I can't seem to find a solution. Besides Outlook are there any programs that sync properly via BB Desktop, yes I have the newest version. I am currently using Microsoft Live Mail. I have used the sync function, it says that it has updated but none of my contacts show in live mail that are on my BB. Not that it should matter but I currently use the BB 9300 curve as a handset. If Live Mail is a no go can one please suggest a decent substitute that works.

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    11-24-10 11:18 AM
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    I am not sure about desktop software...I've always used Outlook but, I always recommend everyone get a Gmail account and sync your contacts wirelessly to your gmail account. It's a great backup to have. Just my 2 cents.

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    11-24-10 11:59 AM
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    I have a gmail account but no gmail desktop software? I guess I will google that and see what pops up. Thanks, I hope that's what you mean.

    11-24-10 12:05 PM
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    Go to m.google.com on your phone and download Google Sync It will sync your contacts off your phone to your gmail account wireless. No need for a desktop computer. But! That is just used as a backup really - I know you are looking for desktop software and I really think Outlook is your best option.
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    11-24-10 12:08 PM
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    Alright so I figured it out.

    I doesn't seem to sync completely on it's own but..........

    When you use BB Desktop to sync your contacts while using Windows Live Mail it creates a windows contacts folder in the computer users profile folder on your hard drive. Once you locate your contacts folder they can be imported using the Windows Live Mail import button in the contacts menu. I hope this is helpful to others, and I hope that makes sense to you all.

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    11-25-10 08:16 PM