1. ztpkng's Avatar
    Verizon Storm2

    Last night, I assigned contact pictures to a handful of my most frequent contacts. After finishing, I notice a few had come back off (that is, they no longer had a picture on their contact page). I reassigned the ones that had lost their pictures, thinking I had just messed those up. I stayed for a while, but then the pictures disappeared again. I ended up doing this 3-4 times, and it was mostly just 2-3 contacts that kept losing their pic again and again... while others never lost their pic. I thought I had finally got them all on permanently as they were all there when I went to sleep last night, but this morning, 2 have lost their pic again.

    Is there some limit I'm bumping into? I only have 7 I'm trying to put pictures on.

    Is the cause related to the fact that the contacts sync with my gmail account?

    Any other ideas? Thanks!!
    05-20-10 08:51 AM
  2. ztpkng's Avatar
    More contact pictures have fallen off. Of my 7 contacts:

    2 are not linked to gmail contacts, and their pictures (which they set themselves) are there

    1 is linked to a gmail contact, but he does not have a gmail address, so the photo I put is the only photo for him. His picture is still there.

    4 are gmail friends who have set their own pictures in gmail. All of the photos I set for them on the BB have been cleared.

    Is the gmail contact sync clearing my contact pictures if there is a gmail contact pic? And if so, why isn't it pulling down new pics? Thanks!!
    05-20-10 01:21 PM
  3. ceciliaFX's Avatar
    I have the same problem! I stopped the sync as right now all my contacts are as I want them.
    it's weird because the ring tones don't get changed. just the images (which originate from the SD card in the phone!). this is just weird
    06-15-10 08:44 AM