1. singsos's Avatar
    Hi All

    I have created a couple distribution lists using Outlook, however, when I sync with my Blackberry, those groups are being sync over.

    Any idea?
    06-23-10 02:35 PM
  2. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Are you on a BIS or BES?
    06-23-10 02:36 PM
  3. singsos's Avatar
    I am on the BIS.
    06-23-10 04:16 PM
  4. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Did you add the list in outlook or on ya bb? If you added it on the bb and then you connect the device to the pc outlook probably overrides it
    06-23-10 04:18 PM
  5. singsos's Avatar
    I created the list on my computer using Outlook. It is a master list I created to import of a few blackberries. All the contacts sync ok, except for the group.
    06-23-10 04:27 PM
  6. cutdacheck2003's Avatar
    Hmm Im a bit confused here
    06-23-10 04:39 PM
  7. singsos's Avatar
    I have a few BBs that share the same contact list. Instead of creating them using the BB, I created the whole contact list with groups using MS Oulook. I used desktop manager to import the address book to all my BBs. All the contacts imported ok except for the groups.
    06-24-10 07:43 AM