1. weseal's Avatar
    I just bought my first bb and i love it. wish i did it earlier! Anyways im with verizon so my internal gps is disabled so now i am using a external BT gps puck. the phone sees it i pair it up and it works great with blackberry maps. But every time after that when i turn the gps on and it connects with the pearl the screen goes white and displays "connecting to desktop". And it stays that way still i turn the BT gps off then i goes back to the main screen.

    I would appreciate any help sent my way
    03-27-08 11:53 AM
  2. GeekNJ's Avatar
    I have the same setup and I've never seen that message. Do you have a Bluetooth enabled PC nearby that it sees and is trying to connect to?

    If you go to Options and then select Bluetooth does it just show your GPS as the paired device?

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    03-27-08 05:45 PM
  3. weseal's Avatar
    no other pcs around as i am in my car and the gps is the only device that is paired up under bluetooth options. I dont know whats up with this thing
    03-28-08 11:30 AM