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    I am having a hard time getting my blackberry curve 8330 to connect to my ipad. On the blackberry it looks like it is connected for a second or two then it disconnects. Any tips?

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    04-22-10 05:12 AM
  2. jlb21's Avatar

    Are you trying to tether the BB/iPad?
    04-22-10 08:40 AM
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    Yes I am trying to teether via my curve for my iPad. I have my Mac laptop setup to tether and it works fine but can't get my iPad to connect via Bluetooth to the ipad
    05-01-10 06:21 PM
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    The iPad will not tether to an iPhone, let alone Apple's competition.
    Not to mention that there would be no reason for an iPad to connect to a BlackBerry over bluetooth for ANYTHING, according to Apple.
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    05-01-10 11:32 PM
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    A Blackberry cannot function as a cellular hotspot gateway. It's not a current capability of the platform.

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    05-02-10 12:04 AM
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    You can't connect your BB to the iPad because Apple closes down Bluetooth connections to the minimum. Tether are planning on developing an app for iPod and iPad but they don't even know if it will be possible without jailbreaking the device.

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    05-02-10 01:24 AM
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    A Blackberry cannot function as a cellular hotspot gateway. It's not a current capability of the platform.

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    While it is possible to do this in other mobile OSs via a third-party app (or sometimes standard feature), due to security issues applications do not have direct access to the WiFi chip on Blackberrys and so no application can reconfigure the WiFi chip on a blackberry to act as a router.
    05-02-10 01:38 AM
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    You CAN use your blackberry as an external internet connection but you need to carry some extra stuff with you if you do:

    Laptop w/ WiFi
    Mobishark software (mobishark.com) (sorry, can't post linky)

    This begs the question, why use this setup when you could just use the laptop? Well, once setup, you can leave your phone and your laptop inside the laptop bag or out of the way and use your iPad instead. I don't have time to go into details, but here is the basic setup:

    1) Use the laptop, blackberry, and Mobishark software to setup your internet connection as normal

    2) Next, configure your WiFi card to act as a gateway and allow other computers to connect to the internet through it.

    3) Connect iPad to your laptop WiFi.

    4) ???????

    5) Profit

    Once you set it up the first time, you can have it ready to go in about 30 seconds for future connections. Sorry I don't have the time to go into more detail just now!
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    05-07-10 06:47 AM
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    I too am looking for a way to make this happen. For instance, I have "ConnectiFy" running on my Win7 pc. I can connectmy BB 9700 to pc via BT or USB tether without any special software. My 9700 connects by BT straight out of the box,...I only had to buy a BT dongle for the pc from WalMart. It works extremely well, etc.

    As a test, I connected by pc to my 9700,...accessed the web,...yada yada! I then start ConnectiFy (which enables a virtual HotSpot),...which the iPad connects to without and problem,...and I gain web access with the iPad, via the pc via the BB.

    Now, I'm holding off actually buying an iPad because of the announcement of the Playbook. My main question I have with the Playbook will simply be - Can one access the internet via the connection to their BB? If this pans out to be true, I will definitely be getting a Playbook! If not, then, the iPad (32gb version) will be high on my list again.

    10-20-10 11:53 AM