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  1. jravionics's Avatar
    OK, I am leaving Verizon for either t-mobile or ATT and want to get a BB but I am still confused about the GPS thing.

    Which BB with internal GPS will work (with a data package) with google and the other programs without the 10 buck fee.

    I use GPS a lot and am trying to figure this one out. Also, seems to me that paying extra for a gps feature is a bit much when you can get a car gps for about 200 bucks so should I even get an internal gps and get a BB with wifi instead since I have it at home?

    What's a Bubba to do. I need some sage advice here since I never owned a BB.


    Confused in LA (lower alabama)
    06-01-08 10:13 PM
  2. kwsmithphoto's Avatar
    Lower Alabama? My sister lives in Birmingham.

    Why are you switching from Verizon to another carrier? I assume you're wanting a Curve but they're cheaper to upgrade to on Verizon than to start a new account on ATT, especially if you have to pay the kill fee to Verizon. Not sure about T-Mobile in your area, all I know is that here in LA (Los Angeles) they have some serious coverage problems. Great rates though...

    Upside to using ATT Curves is that they work in Europe and other parts of the globe where CDMA isn't used. Verizon version works in most parts of Canada and many parts of Mexico, but that's about it, outside of the US.

    ATT vs. Verizon, that's a perpetual, constantly changing debate which mostly depends on where you live, work, and travel to.

    As for GPS, you have a number of different options to use on the ATT system. There's a couple of weak but free ones, and some very good but subscription-based services, like Telenav and Garmin. With Verizon you have to use their VZ Navigator for $10/mo which some people love and some people hate. They currently block the GPS feature for other apps to use but there's a rumor that will change fairly soon.

    V3 just came out for their regular phones but has yet to be released for the Blackberry. It looks like a huge improvement over 2.9.9 but that version is still pretty darn useful, and not just for GPS. I use it all the time and can usually find and call or navigate to places faster than the best in-car, OEM nav systems can. Really looking forward to V3 though. Coming soon for their Blackberry devices, they say...which means next week or next year, who knows with Verizon.

    But if you only need it in a car, and already have a nav box you're happy with, then don't bother, they're better for that because they don't need the full data network just to function. Big plus, especially in rural areas. I've driven thousands of miles with VZ Nav and there are places where it just doesn't work because the network doesn't support it everywhere, even if you have a perfectly good voice signal.

    But if you're on foot in a big city, where full network access isn't an issue, the in-phone solution is a better choice. Pretty sure that's not a priority for you in the other LA though!
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    06-02-08 05:20 AM
  3. jravionics's Avatar
    My sentence time is up so I can move at will now. Vz just dosen't do that well in coverage here on the coast. ATT and T-mobile are the best with ATT toping the chart. We have all three in the family and everyone else gets to talk when I can't. So much for all those people following me around,,,,,they are at the beach..

    I have given it some thought and with all the confusion I will just go with the 8320 from tmobile with wifi and buy a gps brick when I need it. I guess the best quote is "adding gps is easier than adding wifi on a BB". That way i can use either ATT or Tmobile. TMobile is cheaper by far on everything but att give best reception.

    Maybe some day the internal gps will be settled.

    I would just buy a phone but they are making buying a BB really attractive and I do need a large screen.

    Tell you sister in birmingham to come on down, the weather is hot and humid and everything has gone up. We need to money.......

    thanks for the reply, it helped a great deal.

    06-02-08 10:38 PM
  4. kwsmithphoto's Avatar
    Like I said, it depends on where you live and work!

    I'm near Seattle at the moment, Bainbridge Island, visiting my mom. Verizon only has one site on the other side of island so I get a weak, unstable signal from the city, nine miles away. Ironically, ATT has a site just a few blocks away so their service works great here.

    I'd switch because I come up here so often but Verizon works a bit better where I live in Los Angeles. It's also much better in the New York area, in my experience. Seems like half the time I call a 212 area code phone on ATT I get a "circuits busy" message or it goes straight to voicemail. Methinks that ATT is just oversubscribed in LA and New York while Verizon still has some bandwidth available.

    Just not right here, where I'm typing this from... They wanted to put a site up on this side of the island but the citizens revolted, citing health concerns. Dumfux.

    Where you at, BTW? My sister spends a lot of time on the shore, a friend of hers has a house there.
    06-02-08 10:58 PM