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    Hi guys,

    I am from India, and I am fed up of my Nokia N97. It is not a smartphone in any sense... Now I want to buy a new one. But as you see, I am thoroughly confused as which is better... BB, Android or iPhone...

    Investing is not an issue for me at present, but I want to buy a good smartphone which connects me to browser, chat, social networking as well.

    Please help me guys. There are so many options

    Thanks in advance...

    02-15-11 02:40 PM
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    It depends on what is most important for you.

    Bb is still a great phone for messaging and email (although unless you are on bes it will be truncated). It has a sub par browser and if you will be using it for a lot of web surfing, then a better choice would be an android or an iphone.

    If you don't like to customize your phone, an iphone may be right for you.

    If you like to change things around on the device so that you can set it up exactly like you want it, go android.

    Ultimately the choice is yours and should be made with respect to your likes and uses for the phone.

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    02-15-11 02:52 PM
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    If you are considering BlackBerry I would recommend one that supports OS6. This OS has a much better browser than OS5.

    With Android you will get a better browser and more app selections. But BlackBerry will give you much better e-mail and messaging capabilities.
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    02-15-11 03:10 PM
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    BlackBerry devices excel in email (push email, that is, you get the email the moment it hits your inbox, no need to refresh every one in a whilte to see the new mail), battery life is better than all other smart phones, ease of use and very good contact / calendar management, best keyboards ever, the list goes on
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    02-15-11 03:16 PM
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    If asked I would always reccomend an android over an iphone unless you like being under the dictator apple. One thing I would say whatever you decide believe its the best decision you made or you will drive yourself crazy. I love my blackberry even if I cannot see what I'm typing

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    02-15-11 03:19 PM
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    Thanks guys, I really want to go for BB as it has a great messenger service... and a **** lot of friends r available all the time...

    If BB, I get it that I shld go for OS6... but which model???

    Thanks again.
    02-15-11 03:29 PM
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    If you are on BIS and not BES then your email experience will be subpar with other brands like android and apple. You will not have access to email folders, truncation will limit you to 1 or 2 good quality photos per email and also limit what people can email to you. HTML will not render well either.

    BB is good for messaging (txt/bbm) but webbrowsing still is not near what android and iphone offer IMO.

    if you decide to get a BB make sure you get an OS 6 device for the best experience.
    02-15-11 03:34 PM
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    Well torch has the big screen but bold is solid. Those are top end curves generally cost less not quite as good camera. No flash. Have fun shopping. Good luck on your choose

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    02-15-11 04:33 PM