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    Hi all, first post here so just saying hello first.

    My company just started with Blackberry, I was very pleased.

    I got my new 9700 handset and Orange set me up on a BIS, ie they sent through the BIS settings. I set everything up to receive my gmail email automatically and everything was great. I was getting email, full internet access, BBMaps was working, Google Maps was working, in fact anything that needed the internet connection was fine.

    Then... my company a few days later added me to their BES. I entered the info they gave me and the phone wizzed through a load of settings and authorisations etc..

    Then I also started to receive my companies emails too.

    I noticed instead of just having the options of "Orange World" and "Hotspot Browser" I also had "Blackberry Browser" in the web browser general properties.

    At this point BBMaps, Google Maps and several other apps that need internet access have stopped and I can't get them to work, even changing all permissions to "allow". I still get my gmail email though, even though this isn't through my company server, so I must have some internet connectivity still.

    I mentioned the three connection options as depending on which I chose, I get different web responses. If I select "Blackberry Browser" I get no web page access, while selecting either of the other two I do (hotspot obviously only when WIFI available).

    Now this is the bit that I'm guessing as a complete newb. Is the "Orange World" connection effectively BIS and the "Blackberry Browser" connection effectively BES. Is my company blocking internet access on this BES? Is this BES connection now the default, therefore stopping these apps like Google Maps contacting the internet through the BIS connection?

    Perhaps the last paragraph is complete non-sense, but can anyone advise what is going on here? and even better if I have missed anything that will solve my connectivity issues?

    Many thanks in advance

    04-18-10 02:43 PM
  2. Radius's Avatar
    Depending on their security policy they may have blocked internet and any number of things from you. Ask the IT department what they have set up and what you are allowed to do and not do with the phone now.
    04-18-10 02:55 PM
  3. Branta's Avatar
    Radius gives good advice. Your BES administrators will be the best source of further advice to find out what is blocked, and help you fix as much as the policies allow. Don't mess with things until you talk to them, it will only break it more.
    04-18-10 03:06 PM